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After years of a toxic environment at work I finally took voluntary redundancy. I felt I was not properly supported and terms of our contract were likely to change, for example travelling an hour or more and I do not drive. I asked questions re my disability etc and got no concrete answers. I was so exhausted I could not always chase things.

I am scared. Luckily I have a good redundancy package. I feel like the rug has been pulled under my feet. I was struggling at work a lot though, more with paperwork etc. This is the first day for a week I have managed to do more than I thought. I am hard on myself. I find it hard to relax. I know people some people say keep a routine, but I find it so hard to sleep at night and then sleep loads. Routine did not help. You get limited help from doctors etc.

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Hi mysmugcat

Please try not to worry.

It might be the best thing that has happened. As you can rest and concentrate on managing your health.

Thank goodness you have some pension.

Don't be afraid it's a new beginning.

I don't know how old you are!


good luck

Survivor girlxc

Ps please sign my petition its below to abolish the Atos /capita lime tick boxing assessments which are not fit for purpose xx

And share with family and friends


I recently left a job working for a company who were sympathetic in words but not in actions. It's really knocked my confidence and made me question my self-worth.

Those feelings on top of money worries have caused a worsening of symptoms.

It's so important to lead the way in being kind to ourselves but sometimes incredibly difficult.

Sending you love and understanding, and hoping you can find positives in your situation.

You aren't alone, it's not of practical help but hopefully knowing it will be of some comfort.

Best wishes x

Thank you.

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