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Supplements or any medication

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I am really struggling again with tiredness and constant viral infections. Does anyone know of any supplements or anything I could suggest to my gp that I could try which might give me a wee bit more energy. When I'm running low I tend to not have the energy (or the balance/ability to stand without holding on due to an essential tremor in my legs and hands) to cook or make it to the kitchen. So I tend not to eat which unsurprisingly doesn't help me. My boyfriend pretty much moved in with me this past week to help but he can't stay forever.

I realise there isn't a magic pill which will cure me but has anyone been prescribed something which is even a tiny bit helpful? I have had one appt with the cfs service and should be keeping a diary (hourly) which is hard to do when you spend most of the day unconscious

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I'm going through a very similar situation and it's had my anxiety and depression and all time I am I've been like practically like you like bedridden for like the last 7 months almost with little to no activity because I'm so tired all the time and have no energy and constantly have eye fatigue like all I want to do is just sleep and severe brain fog I'm trying CBD oil you should look into it but make sure it's pure quality CBD oil that's at least 500 mg or above everybody's telling me to try it that it works wonders so I'm just passing the message along I have fibromyalgia as well

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Let me know how you get on with CBD. Like you a lot of people have mentioned it but im sceptical to say the least as it seems to be promoted as some sore of miracle treatment.

Hi Suzlj. I'm one of the fortunate few to have a Dr who specializes in m.e and goes by Dr Sarah myhills recommendations re supplements. Have you got her book by the way..chronic fatigue syndrome. Mitochondria not hypochondria. She recommends magnesium omega 3&6 better in hemp oil capsules co enzyme q10. The 300 mg capsule can be found at simply supplements and a probiotic as so much stuff originates from the gut. Also a gluten dairy free diet plus sugar free if possible. Use stevia as others have aspartame in them and that's a baddie. I've been bedridden for over 51/2 yrs with this wretched illness and am dependent solely on my husband for everything. I get ready meals.freshly made.from Wiltshire foods as they do the best gluten free ones. Just microwave them and they're really good. Delivered to your door and even put in the freezer for you if you want. Prices about 3-50 pds each meal. I'd recommend that you read Dr myhills book as she's very knowledgeable. Then it's rest rest rest physically and mentally. Very hard to do but better than crashing after doing too much. Hope this helps you a bit and good luck with it all. Karenlynne

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I haven't come across that book but I'll try to track it down. I've just had a bad experience at a gp and am considering changing practice because of it. But anything I can do myself I want to try. After 3/4 days bed rest I started to feel better yesterday and finally got my Christmas decorations down. Hopefully I'll make it into work on Monday but I might send me boyfriend out to the health food shop.

Sorry. Think it's Wiltshire farm foods. Karenlynne

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I have thought of them before but for some reason I never ordered any

You could also try abel and co who do fresh organic food 😋. Delivered to your door. Delicious nourishing thick soups.bone broth.something Dr myhill recommends pies etc. First 3 orders 10 pds off too. Try vitamin b12 as well. The ones that dissolves under the tongue are best. I've just started with electrolyte powders and find they appear helpful. Be very careful if you get them though as many have additives in them. If interested I'll find mine and give you the details. Berry flavored from USA. Lovely. All expensive stuff but if it helps it's worth it. Karenlynne

my mom got me some supplement for an American company, 4life, I've been taking transfer factors, "riovida" and "energy" and it has helped me to get some more energy than usual, it has helped me more with my allergies and to regulate my menstrual cycle, but the little burst of energy are most welcome.

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