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Accessing free flu vaccination due to ME

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Does anyone get the free flu vaccination from their GP due to having ME? I have always gotten it due to having asthma at my previous GP's, but I moved clinic this summer and the new clinic say I am not entitled (to be entitled under asthma you apparently have to be on a steroid inhaler which I'm not). I would like to argue my case for getting it due to having ME, does anyone have any experience of this?

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They should give you the jab...

Thanks for that link, I drew their attention to this but they weren't bothered.

Yeah you can get it as you have a chronic neurological condition!! Xx

They refused as it is not one of the neurological conditions listed, I argued against it as the guidance says the list is not exhaustive,but they wouldn't budge, I ended up just paying for it. Apparently next year things will have changed with the guidance and whatnot, so I'll try again next year.

Arrrrrr well at least you were in the position to pay for one. They should offer it to everyone as standard. We’ve all paid our NI contributions at some point or another!! Xx

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