Chuck's Implant Anthology

Chuck's Implant Anthology

Some bedside reading:

Below is my collection of actions and reactions to my penile implant. Please read the conclusion if you are considering getting one. Please note that these are my personal occurrences and may not necessarily be those of yourself or others.

July 2012 High PSA. Decided to do watchful waiting

November 2012 PSA 5.6. Time to get a biopsy

January 2013 Biopsy. Urologist was great. Used Novocain and didn't feel a thing.

February 2013 Phone call from Urologist. "I found some cancer. Wait. Hold on." Nurse picks up the phone. "The doctor had to go. He'll be out of town next week. We'll call you back. Have a nice day."

March 2013 Met with Urologist's PA. Explained everything. I knew enough to be dangerous. Thought some laser gun was going to zap it and I would be done.

March 2013. Second Opinion. I was told the prostate would have to be removed. I was devastated.

April - August 2013 Testing after testing. Cancer did not metastasize! Very relieved.

October 6 2013 Radical Prostatectomy. Lots of pain. Stupid catheter which I hated. Worst week of my life.

October 7 - December 7 2013 Incontinence World. Wore women's panties with lite days pads. Saved a ton of money by not having to buy disposable undies.

December 8 2013 Got a Vacuum Erection Device (VED) just for therapy. Did not work for intercourse for too many reasons to mention.

December 2013 - March 2015 ED!!! Tried everything. Cialis, Viagra. Muse, . . . Nothing worked.

February 3 2015 Talked to my Urologist about an implant. He said that he would highly recommend it. I told him of course he would since he was a surgeon.

May 5 2015 Formal Meeting and Consultation and PSA test (good results) with urologist about implant. Decided to go with it, but wanted to wait until summer since my wife is a teacher and off at that time. Also, I wanted to give the nerves that can give an erection further opportunity to heal.

May 2015 My wife does remind me that this is going to hurt. I reply that I realize that. I'll go with it and get the pain when it's too late to change my mind.

May 2015. Found this website. Started asking dozens of questions to all of the wonderful people here. Most of you confirmed that an implant would be a good idea, but wait for 18-24 months. Made appointment for June 23, 2015. Will be 20 months after Radical Prostatectomy, so that would be a reasonable wait time. Plus I am covered by my wife's insurance, which will expire after I am 65 on January 2016. So the window for that, coupled with my wife off for the summer and able to take care of me made this date a perfect fit.

May 2015 - June 2015 The waiting, the waiting, the waiting. I'm worried that I'll get the flu, an accident, . . . something bad will happen to me which would make me unable to get the procedure. Getting very antsy.

June 23, 2015 Procedure date set by urologist. Will be receiving the Titan Touch with Bioflex penile prosthesis. Let's back up two days:

June 21, 2015 Insurance glitch. Need to postpone operation. Rescheduled to July 13, 2015.

June 21 - July 13, 2015 The waiting, the waiting, the waiting. Now I'm starting to get nervous.

July 13 11:30am Check in at the hospital. It's finally here! All I need to do is hold out for another hour-and-a-half.

July 13 1:00pm Procedure starts. At last . . . . . . . .

July 13 3:00pm Recovery WHAT THE @$#%!*&?!%@!%&*??>@$*%^"}|F@)&%$@U#$?!&%##C&^@#$@<?!&#$?

July 13 3:00pm - 5:00pm Sand bag over suture. Add morphine! Another Dilaudid. Increase Fentanyl. . . .

July 13 5:00pm Sandbag off pain reduced by 50%

July 13 11:00pm "I can't feel anything!" Nurse checks it. "Can you feel that?" Absolutely nothing. Not being able to feel your penis kind of defeats the purpose if I am thinking correctly. PA tells me not to worry. Surgery puts the nerves in shock and everything will come back. It turns out that, right now, about 5% of my penis is so oversensitive that it seems like it is trying to make up for the numb 95%.

July 14, 12:01pm. Feeling no pain. Another urologist comes in to check me out. “I FEEL GREAT! Sure you can check me out!”

July 14, 12:03pm Can I stay overnight? I'm in a lot of pain. I think the anaesthesia wore out!

July 14, 12:03pm "Too late. You've already been checked out. No more Dilaudid. We will give you 20 Norco's to bring home but no more than that!”

July 14. 12:04pm. My wife tells me: "I told them that YOU WOULD LOVE THIS! The catheter that they said would come out in 24 hours will have to be in for four more days! I’m so sorry Honey!"

July 14 - July 19 Second worst week of my life. I HATE that catheter!

July 19 Catheter out. "But if you don't urinate we will have to put it back in." No problemo. Went immediately to washroom and gave it everything I had.

July 21 What the hell was I thinking? I want this penile implant out!!! Maybe this is just a dream. Maybe it didn't really happen!

July 21 - August 14 What the hell was I thinking? I SO REGRET THIS!!!!

August 15th Get the go-ahead to use pump from urologist.

August 15 Right

August 15 Pump doesn't budge. I call the urologist, specialists from Titan, etc. who say that of course it works. Just keep trying.'

August 16 Check on internet. Find out about a situation known "Pseudo-Malfunction of the Titan Implant." It turns out that, in about 7% of the cases, the implant gets stuck into "lock-out position." One must exert enormous pressure in order to get the pump out of lock-out position. Boy did I try. Not a chance. Call urologist. He will check it when I come in.

August 17 - September 8 What the hell was I thinking?

September 8 Urologist checkup and PSA appointment. PSA perfect! What a relief! "Okay, let's check out the pump." Urologist gives it everything he has. No luck. "Okay, hold on." Urologist goes in again for second try. Boy, I'm not too nervous as he rubs his hands and goes in with severe determination towards my scrotum. He gives it a huge squeeze and," Pop!" Out of lockout mode. (I have a link to a publication from Titan about this if anyone is interested.) Finally works. So I'm standing there pumping up my penis. Have an erection! The urologist leaves as I am standing there with my pants down to my ankles, the door wide open, nurses and other personnel walking by. Some other guy comes in the room with a sample kit from Titan. Oh well; I guess it's nothing everyone there hasn't seen before.

September 8 2015 Still lots of pain.

September 8 - September 21 What the hell was I thinking?

August 21 - September 21 $120.00 worth of underwear later, I finally arrive at a light cotton jockstrap. If anyone wants bikini briefs with a porthole to stick the penis out, one with some kind of protrusion to put your penis into, various types of boxer briefs and other unique pieces of attire let me know.

September 21. Starting to feel a little better.

September 22. Feeling starting to come back. Hypersensitivity on lower side of penis also starting to behave.

September 25. First day that I woke up and didn't say "What the hell was I thinking?'

September 29, 2015 None of your business. Let's just say it was just like the old days.

October 5, 2015. THIS IS GREAT!!!

October 9, 2015. I am SO glad I did this! No regrets.

October 23, 2015 Testing out the crazy machine regularly. Had a problem again. This time it is able to squeeze easily, but doesn't inflate. Met with my urologist in a typical really weird appointment. He played with every aspect of the pump and prosthesis and said the two words one does not necessarily like to hear: "That's funny," he said as he saw that it was not inflating no matter what he did. Finally he alternately pushed the release button and pump several times until I heard a strange sound and felt an equally unique sensation. It was finally inflating! First time ever. HOLY SMOKES! Okay, now I'm really glad I got the implant. I had never seen it this way. Prior to this it was actually useable for penetration, but now you could hammer a nail in with it. And it appeared exactly as my erection did (maybe a little larger) than before all of this cancer insanity started. I left the appointment a happy camper.

October 27, 2015 Still getting the stupid cycling problems, but I was able to memorize the actions of my urologist as well as read some blogs from this site from men who had the same situation. So; practice makes perfect as I am going to be pumping a good two times a day until I can get some reliability out of this prosthesis. Right now, if my car had this kind of dependability, I would only use it to go to the grocery store in the summer. I'll keep pumping away until I can get it to work on a regular basis.

November 2, 2015 Urologist calls me after I sent him four emails alternating between telling him that I may need another appointment since I have not been able to get it to work for five days in a row to telling him that it’s okay I got it to work again. Urologist was first concerned, but then relieved that it did operate properly eventually. It has occurred that a pump had to be surgically replaced, and he did not want it to end up that way.

November 3, 2015 So “cycling” has to do with the alternating of intake of fluid in the penile tubes and exhaust of fluid. More helpful responses from my blog site telling me that this is common with the OTR (One Touch Release) mechanism. “Keep cycling. I do it 2 to 5 times a day. Very time consuming, I know.” I respond saying that I guess manipulating my genitals 2 to 5 times a day wouldn’t exactly be hell on earth. To be honest, though, it’s very unlikely that I could do this more than twice in a day. It would seem like that’s alI that I do.

November 5, 2015. First time that I’ve done it twice in one day. Worked both times! I think I’m on my way.

So here we are. Please note, any of you contemplating a penile implant. That YOU WILL REGRET IT initially if you are a majority of men. Pain does that to you. It distorts your thinking. Many men, including myself want it removed after the first week. But stick it out! (No pun intended) After twelve weeks almost every man, including myself, is extremely happy that it was done.

Good luck and God Bless!

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  • Thanks for your posting

  • MY GOD.. ALL THAT JUST TO FUCK.... I was exhausted reading this re-coop time... how long does it take to pump up your cock? What button do you push and where is it? Seems a bit unromantic to have to stop and pump the thing up? Cialis does not work for me either I have no social life. As soon as it is learned I can't get hard, the phone calls stop being returned...

  • Oh yeah . . . you asked about the button. There is a bulb that you squeeze to pump it up and a release valve that has a button to return to the flaccid state. You can go to the AMS or Coloplast (Titan) sites by Googling or Binging or whatever those names and get all the info you need. Frankly, you can leave to use the bathroom or lube up or whatever and come out with it pumped up already. Some guys have had their girls pump it up for them as the girls find it a turn-on. To each their own.

  • Charlesroig: 1) Will this implant allow your cock to be the same size as it was before the surgery?

    2) Does the cock head also get erect or does it stay flaccid?

    3) Where is this this button located?

    4) Did you lose any male erotic sensitivity in your cock or the sensitive underside of the head after this implant?

    5) Can you leave a bit of the solution in the cock to maintain its normal girth before surgery?

  • 1. Unfortunately, the radical prostatectomy (RP) that I had robbed me of an 1 1/2". When I used the vacuum erection device (VED), my penis was actually the same size as prior to the RA, but that tends to be what VED's do (If you don't have one yet and you have ED, get one ASAP!) So my penis is the same length that it was after my RP, although girth is greatly increased.

    2. The glans seems to fill up on its own with nothing to do with the implant. I've seen various results on sites such as (a good resource for implants).

    3. The button is located right next to the pump. In the AMS I believe it is to the outside, but the Titan has it inside the bulb towards the body. is a diagram. But check the AMS and Coloplast sites.

    4. Sensitivity is now exactly the same; possibly a little increased although it was reduced right afterwards.

    5. No they cannot. It seems logical to me to be able to do that, but apparently it would cause problems. You've got me on that one.

    I think that it was a great step. My sex life is now equal or better than it ever was. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have gotten one for Christmas when I hit 50!

    Hope this helps.

  • 1) Does your cock get hard/rigid as before allowing for full force intercourse?

    2) Does the balb pump thing feel like a 3rd testicle in the sack?

    I had 7.5 inches x 6" before surgery, After surgery it was reduced to 6.5". a major reduction. When I look down at "it" , it makes me feel like "WOW WHAT HAPPENED?"

  • 1. Ridiculously hard. Harder than ever including my teens and twenties. The Titan is particularly rigid. The comparison is that the AMS is softer in the flaccid state and the Titan is harder in the erect state, but both are suitable for penetration.

    2. It definitely feels and is like a 3rd testicle in the scrotum.

    Your .5" reduction made you far more fortunate than I. The implant should not change your current size.

  • I lost an inch from 7.5 to 6.5" I mourned the loss of this level of manhood. As you know, as men we get used to equipment a certain size . This was a self body image adjustment.

    So the TITAN is more rigid in the flaccid state but also harder during erection state?

  • Exactly! You may like that; as my penis is good for everything even without having to inflate. The only thing that I inflate it for is intercourse.

  • I am thinking for seriously of having this implant. I have not had sex in over 5 years. My dating life, literally ended after the prostate surgery. I almost feel like "de nutted" and not suitable for dating or a relationship which needs emotional and sexual fulfillment. This chonic depression is really killing me

  • Get the implant!! Also get a VED if you don't have one yet as it will keep the blood flowing. I only used the VED for therapy. I thought it was lousy for intercourse.

    After the first miserable couple months, you will be extremely glad you got an implant and will wonder why you waited so long. Right now, I NO LONGER HAVE ED. The implant does that for you. Every other type of fix makes you feel like you still have ED, but, for some reason, the implant just makes you feel bionic. In fact, The guys out ther call it "The Bionic Brotherhood." I tell guys that I just went from an automatic to a manual. Do you know what it's like to be able to have an erection FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE if you so choose? (One little perk: After intercourse, you can leave it in for hours just because. It doesn't get soft and fall out. That's one of about 2,000 advantages.)


  • Please you need to share with me how do you have an orgasm? I do not feel in my cock the graduation and intensification of the "urge" that leads to trigger the orgasm. I have to rub at the base of the cock internal to get it. Can you actually trigger an orgasm by trusting/intercourse?--the usual, you thrust in and increase the trusting until orgasm is achieved. Please tell me how does your orgasm work m achieved and how does it feel. This implant thing is mind boggling to me

  • Okay. First things first. VED:

    (The one I used)

    Second. Orgasm. With the implant, intercourse is the same as the old days. Orgasm occurs the same way. Every time. You can use a more relaxing position and take your time (so you don't get a heart attack) because you don't have to worry about your penis getting soft. The orgasm feels the same way although more intense and it lasts a little longer. You don't sweat the lack of ejaculation either, because the orgasm is inside. I always urinate before intercourse and I haven't had any problems.

    Get a VED ASAP!!!! I wold use it at least twice a day (It comes with instructions) Mine was a motorized one and it listed for $500.00 but I had it covered by insurance. If you can get a urologist to prescribe it you will have no problems. Some guys who have had trouble with insurance have gotten novelty pumps (called penis pumps and they start at about 15 bucks) which work about as well - but be careful because they don't have a safety and if you over pump you can cause damage. No worries if you keep one rule: Never pump past the point of pain. That simple.

  • oh the VED is the vacuum pump? I have one of those and it is very painful to suck the blood in the cock.

    So you are saying that when you thrust in intercourse, and continue to thrust, like normal, you eventually have an orgasm without pulling out and having to manipulate a different area of your cock? With me, I have to put fingers at the base of the cock, and push my fingers INTO the space down there/canal and rub that area and not the cock , up and down , to get the orgasm. I am afraid I will go through the implant process and still have to rub that internal canal down there to achieve the orgasm --which are deeply internal. As I see it, penetrate, thrust, partner has orgasm, I keep trusting feels good but no orgasm, pull out, rub base of cock to find nerves to have orgasm..

    You have your prostate out. How did you achieve orgasm before the implant? this will give me an idea to compare to of what nerves I am left with and my possibility of and how to achieve orgasm with the implant? Thank you for helping me with this. I have NO one else that answered these questions sir.

  • Orgasm before the implant was few and far between. Wife did the palm trick. Hold the penis and rub her open palm at the head (frenulum) in a circular pattern. It took her forever.

    If your nerve endings are such that the only feeling is inside the canal, there is no guarantee that it would change by the implant. Then again, the cylinders could also stimulate the area at the canal. I have to confess that this issue is at the bounds of my expertise. You might want to talk to a urologist. Some are more helpful than others, but the implant guys may have a better handle.

    Do your homework when checking out an implant surgeon. I would also recommend looking up as there is a warehouse of information regarding implants and you can ask around to hundreds of others who know good surgeons in all areas of the US and overseas.

    Good luck. Now make your appointment!

  • Ps. Thanks for calling me sir, sir!

  • I will. thank you for answering all these sensitive questions

  • You're welcome.

  • Once you get past the tough period everything is fine. It now takes about twenty seconds to pump it up. Not a big deal.

    Your social life shall return one way the other so hang in there.

  • Well, this was a major BLOWOUT to my self-esteem and feeling of maleness if this make sense. Part of a man 's power is the generative ability to satisfy and impregnate, now that was robbed from it feels. I had a potential date this week, AGAIN, when I self-disclosed this problem of ED, the conversation, was quickly terminated with an excuse of a business call..Like I already was wondering what would happen after i told the truth..Your thoughts are welcomed on this.

  • Generally, you wouldn't talk about the health of your penis no matter what the condition. I would refrain from the need to bring this up so early in the game. Most guys don't bring it up at all. When the level of intimacy gets to that point, it is appropriate but not sooner.

    Similarly, if she had a growth or something she wouldn't bring it up in normal conversation.

    To be honest, most women would rather be satisfied by other means of which you are more than capable. When the time comes for you to need to impregnate, you'll have the implant.

    This is just me.

  • Another thing. I've been out of the dating scene for quite a while, so I am not aware of the current state of affairs. However, my observation is that, if you mention to a girl who you haven't dated yet that you have ED, you are letting her know that you have all intention of having sex with her. Nowadays, it may go without saying that all dating couples have sex soon into the relationship. But if there is still the concept of "courtship" in today's world, your not even giving her (or yourself) the chance to play the game. And she could take that as a notion that you have no respect for her and are only looking for her for one thing and that is sex.

  • good point

  • Great story.

  • Glad to help!

  • Exactly spot on. A little comical if youve been through it. Had basically the same before and after stories. I also had a drain tube. I have multiple autoimmune issues so my pain was out of this world due to doc requiring me to stop some of my meds which put me in a bad flre.

    Happy had it done but have a slight issue to talk to doc about this Friday. One side .25 to .375 in longer than other when inflated.