Happy MWF iso advice,support,natural frugal alternatives. Any other females on here? Male opinions are fine 2

Happy MWF iso advice,support,natural frugal alternatives. Any other females on here? Male opinions are fine 2

Happily MWF except husband has ed and prostate issues and he has no insurance. We live off my line state disability. He's the love of my life and want to see if there's something natural not expensive we can do. Also wanna meet other ed wives and girlfriends out there. From one side of the pond to the other support might help. I don't mind a male point of view either. I appreciate straight forward honest people.

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  • I would start with a vacuum erection device (VED) The medical ones are expensive but if you have insurance that is halfway decent you can get them for free. I got a $500.00 motorized one and paid nothing as a result of a prescription from my urologist.

    In lieu of that, get a cheap novelty one, which work as well but don't last as long and you have to be careful not to over pump. (If it hurts, stop pumping.) They can start at anywhere from about ten bucks to $40.00 and higher. They don't have constriction rings like the medical ones do, but you can get inexpensive ones from the internet as well.

  • Sorry, I just read again that you have no insurance. (Now I know why you want female replies. You tend to be more thorough.) Check out sites like Adam and Eve.com. Even Walgreen's. They all have pumps that start at 5 to 10 bucks and get to 50 or so. They go up to over 100 but you don't need to start there. The pumps are important, not only for intercourse, but to maintain blood flow to the penis and maintaining the length. I would get one as soon as possible.

  • Even though you have no insurance it IS VERY IMPORTANT that your hubby see a Doc about his prostate issues BECAUSE Prostate Cancer is quite curable IF, let me repeat, IF it diagnosed early enough! But once it is out of the prostate gland IT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BALLGAME. PCa is cancer, it is NOT like a cold and will not go away. it will only get worse, MUCH worse. Hate to scare you..., but.....

  • What country are you in?

  • The stays-hard is a great product.

    I have had severe Prostate problems=PCa

    and had ED for over 20 years

  • Don't get one from and adult store. The following link is the one I have. I got the deluxe but don't use the battery pump part as too much noise and didn't care for anyone to hear it.


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