Radical Cystectomy and Neo Bladder Reconstruction

Hello all. Im new to this page, although ive been posting regular on Health Unlocked, Fighting Bladder Cancer.

My story is, i had Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer. I had my Bladder and Prostate removed in May this year, 5 months ago, and had a Neo Bladder Reconstruction. I am now cancer free, and feeling well.

My only problem now is i cannot get a full erection. My consultant prescribed Cialis around 3 months ago, which is not working that well. I seen the consultant today, and is referring me to a clinic, where i will possibly start using injections to obtain an erection.

Is there anybody using these, do they work, are they painful?

Any information will be great,,,, Thanks.

Kind regards


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  • Sorry can't help... Are you on fb... Look up Fight Bladder Cancer support... Someone on there will be able to help

  • Thanks Rossi,, hope you are well!

  • I had a RP in 2005. Have had sexual intercourse a few times since. Other means of stimulation have worked to some degree of satisfaction for my wife and me.

    I have used the injections a few times. The problem I had, my penis got so hard it hurt and throbbed and stayed hard for three hours. The hardest it had ever been. Was able to have sexual intercourse, and my wife and I had orgasms, but it was painful for me. I finally had to use an ice pack to help with the pain and help the hardness go down. No matter the dosage, that happened to me. The injections were not painful, just a little prick, no pun intended! Lol! It does not affect everyone that way, and you may have very satisfying erections and intercourse. I tried all the pills, but had almost all the side affects. I could get some amount of erections from them, but not enough for penetration. I am now investigating the penile implant.

    Good luck with your injections. Hope they work for you.

  • Hi sammyd

    Thanks for that information. Am now waiting for an appointment with the clinic. Good luck with the implant

    Regards Gareth.

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