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Hi everyone

My dermatologist has recommended Glovelies which I can not find online in UK.

Pls does anyone use them and where do you get them from? What gloved do you use pls? I have hand eczema and do a lot of housework and cooking. Thanks.

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I haven’t tried them myself as I react to most gloves and have products at home that don’t trigger it too much, mostly natural remedies type things but still trigger it or dry hands out (usually I just moisturise a lot while cooking or cleaning whenever hands start to dry out) but! You should be able to buy Glovelies on eBay, and amazon, and I think AliExpress might have them too I’m pretty sure; if that helps at all?

Best of luck!


Thanks, neither has them, tried all shopping searches on google.


Ah sorry...hope you find them somewhere and they help!


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