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Dyshidrotic Ezcema, how to manage it?!


Hey all! New to HealthUnlocked but happy to be here from what I've seen so far. The name's Keira, mid twenties female from Australia and I've had Atopic Eczema since I was born practically, and looking to be a life long condition. I swear I've tried everything under the sun for this...and it keeps developing and growing worse. Hospitalised only twice so far, a week each time but eh. My saving graces (after so many trial and errors) are Gold Cross Soft White Paraffin Cream and Diprosone Ointment (any other cream stings or makes my skin worse; and other ointments are't strong enough) and a healthy double dose of Fexofenadine (180mg x2/day, to try and keep my IGE level of 18000 controlled, barely)...

I was on Imuran (or azathioprine) for several years to get it under control back in highschool, and I'm at a point only the seriously strong stuff works and docs just repeat things over and over (with the most frustrating been 'don't scratch' like...seriously? I know that! Harder than you think!).

Recently I've had a change recent s in worsening over the last year. I've only had Atopic, head to toe but...I think what's developed is Hand Eczema or Dyshidrotic Eczema on my fingers and hands. Like its grown so much worse! I only got it on occasion but now its driving me mental and nothing I have in my eczema stash of ointments work. Does anyone have this and know what can combat them??

Cause Aristocaut, Diprosone, Celestone, Sigmacaut etc are not working and my dermatologist appt isn't until next month! D"X

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I am so sorry for you, try Olly vibrant skin chewys, you can probably find it on Amazon's Choice

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Thanks! I shall have a look into it :D Cause I only got Advantan ointment at the moment to control it but that only just helps... (and sorry the replies so late!! Been bit all over the place so haven’t been on ^^; )

I just started dupixient about 5 months ago & my dyshidrotic eczema has cleared off of my hands. Still using lots of moisturizer but at least there is no intense itching and burning any longer.

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