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plant protein rocks!

wbiC (note the .pdf full report download link is there, too) (my protein's principally sprouted lentils, steam cooked along with twice a week servings of fish)

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I am plant-based but I still eat meat and eggs in very small amounts. I don't tolerate soy products or beans, so I have to get protein from non plant sources. I don't like taking a ton of supplements including protein powder. Would rather just eat my food.

Well, I'm with you on not tolerating soy products (yuck!). But beans? Is it the initial flatulence you experience when you try eating legumes/beans?

If so, be assured this usually (almost certainly imo) fades as your intestinal biome reacts to encourages bacteria specific to bean sugars to proliferate and digest them rather than allowing them to ferment and create carbon dioxide based 'gas'.

Two approaches to consider if you'd like to give beans/legumes a second try: as a stopgap buy Beano drops (very, very expensive imo) which contain an enzyme that deals with the bean sugars (this could be a way to very gently acclimate your body to beans, and after awhile you should find your intestinal bacteria content changes enough that you can skip the Beano), or, very gradually just get used to beans through starting with very small (a mere teaspoon / tablespoon?) but regular servings for two or more meals a day (allow several months of gradual increases in serving size before you'll be ready for full sized servings of a 1/2 - 1 cup per meal).

My favourites are steam cooked sprouted lentials, and yes, at first, I was experiencing flatulence (now at this point I could eat a truckload of only beans in my diet for days on end and have no worries on that score).

That said, even a change in beans (from lentils to say, chickpeas), will lead to some modest return of flatulence (clearly, the bacteria that digest bean sugars is fussy, and it takes time for those bacteria that can deal with a different form of bean sugar, to become more established and abundant enough to handle all of the new variety of bean sugar).

too little better than too much

Oh I eat some beans just can't eat them in large enough amounts to get enough protein. It isn't just gas, it is bloating, diarrhea etc and when I have to work it just doesn't work if you know what I mean. I tried beano and that had negative side effects for me too.

Boy, oh boy! I can completely understand the multi-tasking efforts of beans! Good old GB & D (gas, bloating and diarrhea). But then, in my case, it also sends my blood sugar levels to the moon! Lol! Must say, I do miss them though. There are many health benefits to consuming beans. Ah, well. Many blessings all. 😊👍🙏✌️

wbiC in reply to Sammi_n_Munk

Sugar spike? Are you cooking raw beans, or eating / drinking a sugary variation? So very many processed/canned foods contain added sugars.

Else, as remarked just above:

What can I say? If you can get it to work, you're looking at at least 5-10 years (imo) of added good quality of life.

My suggestion stands: very gradually get used to beans, even if it means a very slow approach starting with a teaspoon of cooked beans added to most meals. (there's 48 teaspoons per cup)

What can I say? If you can get it to work, you're looking at at least 5-10 years (imo) of added good quality of life.

My suggestion stands: very gradually get used to beans, even if it means a very slow approach starting with a teaspoon of cooked beans added to most meals. (there's 48 teaspoons per cup)

You are entitled to your opinion. Beans don't work for me and I am not going to force the issue. I can not spend half my shift in the bathroom. Beans are not even that good of a quality protein and the body doesn't even use them efficiently. I would rather eat two eggs than get used to beans.

Beans are not even that good a protein? I agree. Beans are a fantastic protein! (once tolerated by our digestive system) Have a glance at my opening post's links of assorted studies as to the kidney health benefits of beans/legumes/plant sources of protein over animal protein.

I'd never expect a change in diet to 'reverse' existing kidney damage (even a tiny bit).

Bottom line: if you choose to very, very (if need be, could take months) gradually get used to legumes or other plant sources of protein, you have imo, an excellent chance to slow or stop kidney deterioration and add several perhaps many years of good quality life. If you choose not to, well, I see no point in dwelling on the likely outcome but wish you well.

I have slowed or stopped kidney progression on a Vegetarian diet. I have researched this topic endlessly. You would need to eat a lot more plant protein to get what is bioavailable in a few eggs. I am not going to do that. Number one plants have more phosphorus and potassium than meat, which I don't want. I do not tolerate beans in servings of more than a quarter of a cup, and I am not going to torture myself to do so. If you want to eat beans, and they work for your health and well being, then I am happy for you. They do not work for me in other than small amounts, which I eat. Everyone is different, plain and simple.

By vegetarian, do you include frequently consuming fish and/or dairy? (I never quite understood the reasoning but 'vegetarian' can include those.)

Or, do you mean very minimal fish & dairy (perhaps none, aka vegan)?

I am not a Vegan. I am a Vegetarian. I do not consume dairy, for many reasons. I eat red meat only on occasion. I eat eggs, chicken breast and turkey breast mostly a few times a week at evening meal only. In the case of dairy I do eat 1 oz portions of cheese on occasion or if it is included in a family meal. Meat is 2 to 3 oz portions. This works for me. It doesn't mean it works for others. Everyone needs to eat as to how it fits into their personal lives taking into consideration culture, family, finance etc.

The better question is why are you trying to push your point of view onto me? You are very adamant about this.

Hi HealthBuddyMelissa,

I have just been following your threat as you were commenting on being vegetarian and kidney disease etc. Now I discover you eat MEAT (chicken and turkeys are meat) so you are not Vegetarian.

I have been vegetarian for 30 years and I would never call myself Vegetarian if I ate meat (even once a year) or ate fish.

I am just getting quite tired of people defining themselves as something when they are so obviously not that.

Just in regards to your bean problem - beans are a wonderful source of protein and if people have an issue with gas, then one old trick is to slip in a piece of kombu seaweed with your beans in a big pot of water when cooking and this helps get rid of the gas, kombu works really well with kidney beans.

Hope this helps,


I am getting quite tired of people being offended because I choose to eat small amounts of meat for a very good reason that are really of no concern to you or anyone else. I am a Vegetarian, read the different options of being one and then stop taking personal what other people choose to eat. You might rather choose to examine your own mindset as to why you feel it is OK to attack other people for dietary choices.

I couldn't care less about you eating meat or anyone else eating meat, that is your or their choice, my point is, you are not vegetarian, you are a carnivore ie a person who is not vegetarian.

One reason for Vegetarians to get annoyed is because of the mixed messages that restaurants/deli's etc are given by members of the public. So often, preCovid-19, I would go to a restaurant and state that I am vegetarian and ask what is on the menu and for the waiter to proceed to show me all the fish options or chicken options and I would have to say "but I am vegetarian" & s/he would, inevitably reply "but we get vegetarians in here all the time and they eat chicken and fish" & I would reply "but they are not vegetarian then - fish is meat as is chicken". And the same discussion would continue when I get told a dish with Oyster sauce is vegetarian - when it is obviously is not.

You are a Vegan not a Vegetarian. Did you read the link I posted. Vegan's eat no meat at all.

Thanks for sharing a good way to get protein which is a challenge on my prescribed CKD diet.

Thanks for sharing, will pass to my mum

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