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fatigue and kidney failure

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i am in stage 4 kidney failure - gfr fluctuates between 22-28. I am ALWAYS exhausted. my doctors cannot figure out what that part is from. does anyone else feel this way?

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Hi Yoga,

I felt that way when I was first diagnosed and it turned out to be I had anemia. So I was put on an iron regiment. I also have low Vitamin D so I take that vitamin. Both and any supplement should be reviewed by your doctor before you take anything. Vitamin D can lead to toxicity. Have your blood labs reviewed with the doctor. There are other indicators that might show why you are tired. PHT is another issue that can cause fatigue.

Also, fatigue is part of CKD. Think of it this way. Your filter system is only working at 25% of its capacity for taking out toxics from your blood. So you fuel system gets chunked up and what happens is you become sluggish.

I have other complications that also wipe me out. So I plan my day to not over due it. At best, two hours of physical stuff requires two hours of rest at least. Naps are your friend if you can. I try to get what I can done early in the day but not over due it because I am not doing myself any favors.

Have your doctor review your labs.

I was told I have low iron before I was told about kidney prob yet I did not get treatment

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googie68 in reply to Lucieb01

I had very low iron causing me to feel constantly drained. I had iron transfusions and my egfr went up after them and I felt more lively. Poor kidney function does create low iron unfortunately.

Yes, my doctor looked at the iron and it was a little low so she put me on iron supplements for a while but that hurt my stomach. My next set of labs showed that the iron was ok. I was taking vitamin d as well but now that I’ve been spending time in the sun those levels are good for now.

My next step is to see a cardiologist to rule out any heart issues.

It’s a complicated dance for sure. I could sleep all day. I’m used to doing yoga and exercise but I haven’t been able to do any of that lately. :(


My vitamin B12 levels were so low, and same with my folate levels and vitamin D levels. Worth seeing if taking vitamin B supplements help.

I have problem with fatigue also. I am 75 yr old female with GFR 58, creatinine 1.08, A/G ratio is 0.9, cholesterol is high @ 276. High B/P , but under control. Some days I can go all day without getting tired, hungry, depressed or sleepy. Other days I sleep off and on all day. I mention being tired a lot to my doctor with no response from him. I don't think he knows or don't want to tell me.

I feel that way as well. I take a renal vitamin and vitamin D. Also I've notice if I eat less I feel less tired. Other than that I push through being tired and do things I love. Let us know if you find out something from hematologist. Good luck on your journey.

Are you Anemic?

No. We did check for that but my iron levels are ok.

OK, that is good. Were any of your labs off? Did they do a PTH level? What about Phosphorus?

I have an entire binder and spreadsheet of my lab work :). Phosphorus is 3.9. Fluctuates a bit but always within normal. Pth,intact is 51 now. Has been high (101-188) in the past but seems ok now.

Is it possible you are depressed? That is not to be accusatory, but depression may explain a symptom of fatigue.

That is a possibility for sure. I’m trying to get back to yoga and meditation too.

Thos are both a great idea.

My heart rate gets high and I get lightheaded as well. Trying to find a cardiologist today as well.

Hmm, lots of interesting things going on in your body. I hope you find one you can work with.

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lozzag in reply to yogachick2020

That sounds like POTS which comes alongside CFS and ME. Maybe you have a combination of them???

Keep strong and let god decide and roll with his decision

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