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73 male - some questions on renal results


A few questions:

I'm a male aged 73, my serum creatinine level varies between 127 and 142 and correspondingly my GFR is between 44 and 48, all my other renal results are spot on normal, does that show anything about my kidneys?

If you are dehydrated when your blood tests are taken, could it negatively affect your creatinine results?

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Hi JAYCEE33 - yes, if you are dehydrated when your bloods are taken you could get a higher creat. result. I always make sure I'm fully hydrated before going to my clinic and always take a bottle of water with me! Creatinine levels can also be affected depending on the amount of exercise you do, your weight etc. Have a word with your doctor if you are really concerned.

Yes certainly if you are at all dehydrated at the time of blood test then you will get poor results. Please try to keep well hydrated. It's so important to keep your kidneys working. All the best.

Of course hydrate. I'm confused that you ask if your kidneys are ok. Gfr 43-48 means you are stage 3 and you have kidney disease. Your numbers fluctuate which is normal. Creatine is also effected by protein intake.

JAYCEE33 in reply to itzmich

No, I know I have stage 3 KD, what I meant was, if you have all other renal blood tests come up as normal, does it mean anything different?

itzmich in reply to JAYCEE33

Sorry I wasn't sure. My numbers are similar to yours. All other numbers normal which is good.

WYOAnne in reply to JAYCEE33

Both your GFR and your creatinine can both be effected by being dehydrated. Especially if you have your blood and urine tests done when you are fasting. Could very well be that you have not gotten worse. Talk with your doctor and see about a repeat of your labs in 2 weeks, making sure you plenty of water the day before.

I have had a transplant, but my doctor will repeat my labs if my numbers change from the time before they were done.

Different labs in different countries use two systems to measure creatinine. One system of measurement is micro-mole per liter (Mmol/L) and the other is milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). For the first system 60 - 110 is normal for adult men. For the second 0.7 to 1.2 is normal for adult men. As you age your creatinine level increases and different races have different "normal" levels. That is why we check with our doctor. My creatinine level is 4.3 and that would compare to your level with a creatinine level of 370 because of the two systems. If your level is 127 and 142 you are high, but not extremely high. You need to ask your doctor about your kidney function and your other tests to find out for sure. That is a good question.

Increase in your creatinine can definitely be due to dehydration, if all your other blood results were fine then I wouldn't worry too much

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