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Kidney Pain


I just want some help but feel like I'm going mad some one please help me I just want to be pain free as possible Some one please Talk to me

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Hi Sassysam,

I am sorry you are in pain. Do you know what is causing it? Have you spoken to your doctor about it? There is not much we can say to you without more information. But I caution you not to take pain medications if you have impaired kidney function unless prescribe by your doctor...especially ibuprofen. Give us some more information.

Thanks so much for replying I have chronic polyeonphritus ckd stage 1g1a1what ever that means lol pain management about 22 yrs ago put me on mst tabs then I moved and I was put on a drug holiday it was called to see which 1helped more I was put on fentynal patches and I feel I cope the way I do but now the ccg in my area are saying some rubbish I know it's not but I've coped with the pain my way so they ie ccg just decided with no intervention ie from pain management to start reducing my meds and I'd have to cope with my pain with my head that's what the ccg woman said and pointed at when I asked what help will I get and she got her finger kept tapping her head felt like I didn't matter as a patient but I got referred to LGH Leicester pain management and he was asked how can ccg do what there doing he said they hold the purse strings but what about patients.....

I am not sure that at stage 1 CKD your pain is related to kidney disease. What you said you had was basically a kidney infection Did they clear it up and do they know what causes that?

If you were on fentanyl, then you have been on an opioid. I know here in the States, they are not prescribing opioids for prolonged period of times anymore. And they will cut you off as soon as possible and you will not be able to get it anywhere. They note your record and you will not get a prescription from anyone (legally).

I might suggest you look for support for to be able to manage your pain and not need the use of an opioid drug. It may seem like they are being cruel to you but they are probably trying to get you to a place where you are not needing the medication.

Are you show you haven’t got kidney stones?

Well that's what all my med records say I have and no to kidney stones all I know is that I get what you'd saying about opioda but I have been coping with the kidney infections for ever had all scans and well every thing that can be done I'm told both my kidneys are not good q is a bit better than the other 1 but both are scared both together work less than 90 percent but I've been using my pain meds and other ways to cope I'm 51 now and have recently been told its because off the USA and that the ccg hold the purse strings but surely those people don't know the patients that they are doing this too my kidney proffesor has said I'm in the minority not majority group with all my health issues I just want to carry on coping my way.... I don't go to the docs with all other little issues I just go when I'm really not well... I feel like it's to do with money and the epedepic that the USA have but I'm really not stupid never ever done illegal drugs don't know any one that does no one knows what drugs I take but the pharmacy and doctor and me also the health professional at the hospital that put me on fentynal with kidney and pain management when the put me on patches they worked together so it wasn't and doesn't effect my kidney probs more

Hi Sassysam,

Welcome to our community, I see this is your first post. I hope you find this forum helpful and informative. I support Bassetmommer that if you have not already done so, you need to speak to your doctor about this. You don't say whether you have been diagnosed with a kidney condition and so it is hard to advise. I agree that you have to be careful with pain medications especially NSAIDS as these are not recommended in kidney disease. I really think your best course of action to speak to your doctors who can organise tests, scans etc., and take it from there.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

Bet117 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Absolutely! Thanks ladies! You are both wonderful!

Sorry you are feeling so much pain. I too am living everyday with moderate to severe back, neck and shoulder pain in addition to debilitating migraines. Back pain Partly due to my kidneys and mostly to my autoimmune disease (polymyalgia). I know how hard it is to see your lifestyle becoming limited. I am here to listen.....

SMM62 in reply to Amcor

Amcor, we are in the same situation. I am so sorry you, too, have to deal with these things.

Hope you could perhaps speak to your doctor and find a workable solution

Do they know what the cause of your pain is? Kidneys by themselves do not cause pain unless there is a blockage, kidney stone or an infection.

Be careful, as Bassetmommer advised, what you take for your pain.

I would see my PCP and work out a plan that will help you with your pain and also not be hard on your kidneys.

Amcor in reply to WYOAnne

I have is a similar to rheumatoid arthritis. An inflammatory autoimmune disorder that causes chronic pain. I take a low dose time release morphine every 8 hours. It is not harmful to the kidneys I’m told.

Sally10255 in reply to Amcor

Hi, not a doctor here, but I would check about the morphine in regards to kidney function

lowraind in reply to Amcor


Active metabolites accumulate in renal failure - long term use is contraindicated in moderate/severe renal

failure. Use only if no other opioid is available.

Morphine % normal dose Dose (mg) Dose interval (hrly)

Mild renal impairment 75 2.5-5 6

Moderate renal impairment 50 2.5-5 6-8

Severe renal impairment Use small doses 1.25-2.5 8-12

Titrate doses upwards as tolerated by the patient.


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