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Does stage 3 ckd always progress to ESRD.

How long can you stay in stage 3 kidney disease just wanted to know ?

my father is suffring from CKD Stage #3b with GFR #38 , I want to know how long this disease can be prevent from ESRD, My Father is currenty 63 Years Old no other Illness no abnormal urine protien , Docters Advised Blood Pressure Medicine & Maintain the diet !!

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Hi there, just to let you know I’ve been at stage 3 for at least 10 years and, due to diet and lifestyle changes, I’ve actually improved my GFR. I’m 53 and my GFR has gone down to 49 in the past but is now in the high 50s. Obviously it depends on the cause of his CKD but the vast majority of CKD sufferers never get to the stage of dialysis or transplant, so please don’t panic!


Thank you Dear for the motivational exprienced you have shared, May God Bless you always Prayers & Blessings !!

Sorry I do not want to ask but due to the situation will you be able to share the caused behind the Ckd or Else .


I have no idea why I have CKD. I’ve got low blood pressure, normal body weight, no diabetes or other health issues (other than a few minor completely unrelated things). Just low GFR and high creatinine. Doctors can’t explain and don’t seem worried to be honest.


Julezboz I'm in the same predicament as you. I have cysts with no history of pkd in family. No diabetes, very active, no high blood pressure... Only difference? I'm a 28 year old female and am really, really nervous about everything. I fear my next blood test because I am scared of what the results are going to be. Even worse I had to get another doctor when the first one just blurted out (nonchalantly, may I add) that I'm stage 3 ckd. I'm trying to become a firefighter and live my life but I don't usually read about people my age with this problem... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also drink half a gallon of water a day and don't eat meat.


Well I’d try not to worry, that’s the first bit of advice :-) I’m 53 now and my diagnosis was given by my doctor 2 years ago in an apt about something unrelated. She said ‘oh have we told you you have CKD?’ and was completely unconcerned, so you’re not alone. When I look back at my blood tests my GFR has been fluctuating in the level 3 range for at least 10 years and no-one told me. I have no blood test results from before that so it’s quite possible that my GFR has been hovering in the upper 50s or lower 60s for longer and I’ve never known. So I could have been in your position in my 30s or earlier. The positive I take from that is that when I didn’t know and carried on regardless, my GFR over 10 years dropped so incredibly slowly that it made barely any difference. A few changes in diet and I’ve managed to improve it in 2 years. Everyone is different and I’m not a doctor so I can’t say you’ll be the same, but please take comfort from this and from the fact that your doctor isn’t worried. Look forward to your next appointment as a positive step as you’ll be able to ask questions!

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I have ckd at stage 3 since 5 years and my efgr has been flactuating between 39 and 55. Actually is 43. The cause of my ckd is the prolonged use of ibrufen for my back pain. The doctor says if I stop using pain killers and drink 2 liters of water daily, there's no risk of reaching dialysis.


I hope as long as possible. I’m 64 and hover around GFR of 31. It’s been 10 years. I would really like to outlive my mother who lives with me and has dementia. She’ll have no one to take care of her. My blood pressure is what’s going to kill me, way before the CKD.


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