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GFR rate declined in only 5 months



I found out only 5 months ago about CKD. Then my results were Gfr:55 and creatinine:103

Ive been having regular bloods but every month its getting worse. Its now grf: 47 and creatinine: 143

Should it been progressing this quickly?

Has anyone experienced what i perceive as a rapid decline in function.

Im only 29, healthy, no high blood pressure, far from over weight, no tablets that affect results etc and no family history.

When i was first told they said these results were years away but now its only been 5 months since they first discovered i had CKD

Any advice or your own experience


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This is my opinion based on my reading. I think we are all suffering so much more of this type of thing due to the chemical overload that we are all subjected to. Our kidheys are an organ of detoxification and they are failing for some reason.

One way you can take a stance is to be extremely mindful of everything you put into your body.

If it's not helpful nutritionally then it's unhelpful. Also you need to ensure you drink enough water to flush your kidneys regularly.

I think that is a good starting point.

Hi Confusionckd. Any test results that rapidly change need further investigation. These kinds of changes are best examined by someone more specialized than a general practitioner - which I assume you are seeing now. Have you/are you seeing a nephrologist (kidney Dr)? I personally think that this would be in order to figure out why your test results are changing so quickly.

If you are already seeing a nephrologist, they can make the best determination.

Im still on the waiting list to see the kidney specialist but my gp has said he would contact them next week to speed up the referral.

Im trying to put it at the back of my mind but its so hard as i thought a decline like this was years away


Welcome! What have you done to educate and inform yourself during the five months that you have been diagnosed with having ckd? Have you made changes in your diet? If so, you have not mentioned them. Do you drink sufficient water to keep hydrated? Are you doing exercise that is not strenuous? There are many ways that you can help yourself and that would be the first place to start. Then you would be able to report to the nephrologist what you have done. Also, you can then come back to this site with more questions.

Good luck,


Marvin8 in reply to lowraind

What is exercise that is "not strenuous"? How do you define "strenuous"? My neph said I can do the leg press machine with a couple hundred pounds. Basically, he said that if I'm avoiding rhabdo or maxing out weight, it's fine. I think the exercise and kidney disease relationship is completely uncharted waters and needs to be studied one heckuva lot more before recommendations become universal.

I have always been reasonably fit. I do have a strenuous job on times.

I have reduced salt and sugar, reduced my coffee etc

I have followed guidelines for helping slow progression

Not sure what else i can do so cant imagine what my results would have been if i hadnt taken the action i have

Those numbers are not rapid decline. Gfr fluctuates. You are at stage 3A CKD. There are some things that you can do to slow the progression. Low salt, low protein, limit caffine consumption, no artificial sweeteners or processed foods. Limited alcoholic beverages, low dairy. .Most important drink lots of water. Exercize moderately daily. Good luck on you're journey.

When you say you've had lots of testing done, have they also tested for blood and protein in your urine? If not, this is important as it can cause further damage to your kidneys and needs to be controlled.

As others have said, fluctuations like this can occur on a regular basis. I fluctuate more than 10 points on a regular basis though I'm working at stabalizing it by constantly sanitizing my hands when I'm around others. Several colds have caused mine to drop, but it has eventually risen again. Any type of infection can cause it to temporarily drop, so a cold or even allergies can cause a drop as well as dehydration. If you've not already done so,visit or the kidney foundation website for more information.

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