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Kidney pain vs muscle pain



Does anyone know how kidney pain and pain in the muscles of the back differ?

Does kidney pain for example hurt continuously or does it trigger more when you move?

I have pain right now where my kidneys are but it's hardly noticeable when I am still, I feel it though when I move my back in one way or another. I did exercise in a different way than normal yesterday but I'm doubtful that could have triggered pain in this area.

Grateful for all help

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kidneys are located in the back of your abdomen, just under your ribcage, on each side of your spine. Pain in your sides or middle to upper back could be coming from your kidneys.

In my case, it felt just like a muscle pain. Sometimes it felt like someone punched me on the side of my abdomen. Mostly I felt the pain on my lower back (under my rib cage) left and right It felt like it was contracting. When I was doing treadmill before, I thought I was just growing muscles that's why it's quite painful (it's bearable anyway). It varies

I only realized it's my kidneys after all the tests that confirmed it.

Hope this helps.

All the best

Teshie27 in reply to Teshie27

erratum: Mostly I felt the pain on my *upper back (under my rib cage) left and right It felt like it was contracting.

MAS_Nurse, what are your thoughts on this? I am also eager to hear..



Hi Fluuux,

Have a look at this info written by a pain specialist doctor:

Either way, a visit to your GP would be a good idea to have them physically examine you. Please bear in mind that we cannot diagnose here, and this forum in a peer support forum and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Hope this helps.

MAS Nurse and Moderator.

My doctors advise me that 90% of the time the test is simple. Sit still. No pain? Then likely muscle. Pain only with movement? Then likely muscle. The other 10% happens if it is some type of growth on the kidney. Which does not press against muscle or body except when you move. But this is usually unlikely as by the time it gets that large you probably have had other indications. However, one should always simply have the doctor check. Also. Have someone press your back where the pain is. Do you feel it (for example in your upper back) hurt? Then it is muscle. Since you are NOT touching the kidney yet receiving pain in that area. About 5 months ago I had similar situation. Pain just about in the right side below the shoulder blade. It even ached if I sat still. I was positive was kidney related. Doctor immediately said not. Sent me for a few sessions of physical therapy and it went away.

Good to hear rickhow. Mine might be muscle pain too then. But I've also had increased protein in urine during these last few days and also some short pulses of pain that feels most likely like kidney pain so it's a bit puzzling.

If you've ever had a kidney stone, you know the telltale signs of kidney pain. My right kidney hurts just a slight bit when I'm fully bent over at the waist and putting my weight on my elbows. I know it's my kidney, but there's nothing I can do about it, and it only aches a tiny bit when I'm in that position. When I stand up, I'm perfectly fine. My right kidney also happens to be smaller than normal with mild echogenicity.

I’ve been having pain too but mine is way low and into my butt and sometimes down leg. Worse after sitting awhile and standing up. Fine when laying down. Pretty sure mine is muscle or nerve related. Mentioned it to the nurse when I went for appointment but doctor didn’t seem concerned. Wish I knew

Fluuux in reply to Bunkin

Doesn't sound like kidney pain to me when it's that low and in to the leg also. Like you said probably muscle, nerve or something. Hope it gets better anyway!

Bunkin in reply to Fluuux

Thanks me too! Been a couple of weeks now. Getting a little tired of it!

My nephrologist always told me that kidneys, on their own, do not give you pain. Now if you have an infection, kidney stones, cysts or growths on your kidneys......that can cause pain.

I was in ckd for 7 years and then had a transplant. I never had kidney pain except when I had an infection. I guess what I am trying to tell you, if you have pain, you need to get it checked out by your doctor!

Fluuux in reply to WYOAnne

This is very good information, thank you!

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