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Duplex kidney pain


Hello, I'm 41 and found out my right kidney is dupex yesterday, been having flank pain for 18 months... US scans showed gall stones it was removed Dec 13 but pain continued, more scans ordered what could be going wrong?

I was an alcoholic for 15yrs but totally abstinent since Dec 12.

Would really appreciate some advice, thankyou.

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Were/are there some kidney stones? i had to google duplex kidneys, so could you have reflux?

kizzy40 in reply to googie

Thankyou for your reply googie, I don't know bloods done and scan scheduled, thought there may have been a sign before middle age? No UTIs before so I doubt that reflux is an issue.. I'm thinking stone too... they said the one in my GB was huge.

Bit annoyed really, the consultant asked for an in depth LRQ scan after my initial consultation as he said the pain site wasn't indicative of GB, this was then mislaid!

If they had the info on there they might not have removed the GB at all?

Nutbrownhare in reply to kizzy40

Hi Kizzy

I unfortunately have had a lot of experience with renal pain due to duplex. I have double duplex. I've had a lot of different tests over the years. I had surgery when I was in my late teens, I'm now in my 40s. I've had renal pain all my life. I'm now on long term antibiotics which has helped to reduce my pain and has made a big difference to my life. I was getting UTIs every 8-12 weeks, but now I've not had one for the last twelve months that I've been on the antibiotics.

I know a lot of my problems have been the UTIs. But I still have pain everyday in varying degrees. The other thing that I've found that has helped to reduce pain is to avoid processed food and chemicals. I don't use any chemicals in the house. I only use bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, tea tree oil. In addition I only use organic products on my skin, and so does everyone else in the house.

I know that it may not seem as if I'm offering a solution, I can only suggest ways to reduce pain. Avoiding stress also helps. But from what I've read it would appear that many people with duplex have chronic pain.

If you have any questions, ask away. I hope this has helped, although I can't offer a solution I'm afraid. Keep in touch.

Thank you nutbrownhare, I certainly will be checking in with you as you have had a lot of experience I see... How are your bloods? My liver ALT was 77 went down to 46 last year and has now crept back up to 58, any idea why this could be, can kidneys affect livers or is that totally separate?

Hi Kizzy

Sorry it's been a few days getting back to you. I've been busy at work. I don't know much about Liver results, but I guess that kidneys affect all the body from what I've read. However I'd definitely ask your GP or specialist about that.

Unfortunately my blood results have shown a drop in kidney function, from71 to 56. But I think that's because I've gone back to working. Before the antibiotics I was unable to work. I know results can fluctuate, my reults before that were about 64. But this has been the lowest set of results.

I must admit I'm worried that the specialist will take me off the antibiotics when I see him next week.

Take care

Hello :) your post inspired me to look into a more natural approach to my issues... I threw my omeprazole and pain relief in the bin and started to eat a more 'kidney friendly' diet, I also started taking supplements as well as apple cider vinegar, and I feel better! can't wait to see what my next bloods are. Could it not be the antibiotics causing the drop, I thought they were known for affecting kidney function?

Nutbrownhare in reply to kizzy40

I began my antibiotics last September and my bloods in March showed an improvement. But in March I went full time at work. Before my antibiotics I couldn't work. So I feel that work is more likely to blame as it's only since then that my bloods have gone worse than they were before.

It's great that you have been inspired to change your lifestyle and I'm glad that it's helping. I also eat organic foods and try to avoid processed ( difficult at times after a hard days work). I also found that helped. Whilst there is the thing of cost, I have found that you need less protein as it's more meaty. I guess this is a good thing for kidneys too. Also you tend to have less waste, as you use everything.

Just make sure that you are doing the right thing stopping your omeprazole.

I hope you keep in touch. Take care.

Oh dear nutbrownhare I see you're caught between a rock and a hard place? I had some disappointing news today too, the several blood tests I had done have thrown up something more worrying and is probably why they wanted me to see a specialist.

I asked for a print of the results, and I test positive for anti smooth muscle autoantbodies.. in the comments box it says 'autoimmune hepatitis? viral hepatitis?'

The only other thing besides the ALT that's above range is immunoglobin A, best case scenario really is that is celiac disease which my sister has... I dread to think it's liver or kidney disease caused by hepatitis.

Do you know what the next step is? It does seem to explain your liver results. I can sympathise with how you feel, I was disappointed with my blood results. I find that finding out as much information helps me, that way I feel more in control as I find out what I can do to improve the situation. From the fact that you joined the forum I guess you feel the same way.

I also allow myself to churn it over in my mind too. I know that's another coping strategy for me, it's almost like a coming to terms with it. And of course if you need an ear....

I have to see several specialists , so it's a waiting game ( I'm i the UK) I've been 'googling'... never a good thing to do in these circumstances haha.

But yes, I'm just so desperate for some clarity really too. Thankyou Nutbrownhare for listening, if I can return the favour just holler :)


Thought I'd let you know how my hospital visit went. I'm staying on the antibiotics, which is a u-turn from my last visit. I guess the registrar spoke to the consultant. And not only that but I'm discharged from hospital for the time being. As to my kidney function I have to have that monitored more often, as well as my blood pressure. I'm really pleased, no hospital appointments to fit in around work.

Same day I was also diagnosed with asthma due to allergy, that did come as a surprise. So now getting used to a blue inhaler.

Hope you are feeling ok. Keep in touch.

Hey I'm new here wanting info on duplex kidney...ty

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