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Stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease

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I was diagnosed yesterday with Stage 3 Kidney Disease. I'm still reeling from the diagnosis. I also was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2011. I'm 60 yo and wonder why everything is suddenly going wrong after always being healthy. Any advice on diet and exercise would be helpful. Thank you

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heya, sorry to hear your news, but please don't stress or worry (easier said than done). You may stay at that stage for a long time, depending on what has caused this in the first place.

Steer clear of as much processed foods as possible! Your kidneys have to work hard and the less work they have to do the better you will feel x Exercise is good as the more blood you get pumping round those kidneys the better. Of course if your condition is caused by high blood pressure this information may not be right for you x I have very low blood pressure so should do more exercise than I currently do.

There will be more answers posted on here with good suggestions too, and if you have any other worries or concerns, please post as there is always someone around that may be able to answer your query or allay your fears xxx

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Thank you. I do have high blood pressure and Parkinson Disease prevents me from doing a lot of exercising. I'll know more after my ultrasound and when I see the specialist. Just so frustrating.

Hi there, I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with stage 3 CKD in Feb just gone, my GP diagnosed me after 4 decreased blood readings, all in the range of 55 to 48GFR at the moment. My GP seems to think it may be down to long term high Blood pressure, since 2002, where I been in bp meds since then.

My GP also made a referral to a Nephrologist, and it's taken almost 5 months for my first appointment to come through, but I assume if it was later stages my GP would have been more concerned and would have pushed for an earlier appointment.

Until I see the neph in July, my GP said to cut out salt, coffee, tomatoes, banana's, chocs, cola/pepsi's etc, and not to eat red meats. However the diet can differ to us all, depending on other lab results, such as potassium. In my case my potassium did raise slightly in Feb, so she taken me off one of my BP meds called Perindropril, left me on the Adizem 180mg, and that's when my GP made suggestions of above with what to cut out on, but to drink more water too.

I am in the UK, where are you KKamegranny? Have you been referred to see a kidney nephrologist yet?

Try not to worry, you may stay in that stage for a long time and it may never progress, fingers crossed and please keep us posted x

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5 months seems like a long time to wait for an appointment. Can you ask for an earlier one?

Hi I'm 44 yrs and been CKD for 5 yrs , so don't panic , I just have a low salt diet , and live my life normally ,I would say you can let the disease become u , or u can live with the disease , I know easier said than done ,diet is low starch food so cut back on potatoes ,new potatoes are better try fresh food not prosesed , cheese is a no , but I still eat it , you will find if you cut out salt , anything that has salt in it you will notice ,I can taste salt in lemonade , hope that helps ,oh I will say gp do struggle with CKD a lot haven't got a clue what to do with us , there isn't a lot they can do at this stage ,sad part is ,its a waiting game ,but its like how long is a piece of string , so I say live life and smile every day

I am at stage 3 too was diagnosed a month ago. Could anyone tell me if a lot of operations could damage the kidney? I had upteen urine infections after each operation - and now I think they want to do another one and Im scared of more damage. I could cope if it to do with diet and I can prevent it but I feel that its out of my hands if the operations are causing it. They are repairs to a mesh operation I had in 2008. Nodbody seems to be giving me any answers

Sorry I clicked too soon.. I meant to say that if you know anyone that knows a dietitian (I know you dont get one till stage 4) they might be kind enough to give you advice. I have found the Davita site very good for helping me. I find the worst thing is the sodium in food you dont realise how much even in what you think are healthy foods. Just check your labels and maybe tally up like you would do with calories..Hope you feel better soon..

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Poirotte in reply to elainemarie

Elainemarie, have a look at these pages from the Edinburgh Renal Unit, they are excellent:

Thanks so much Poirotte - I will save that in my favourites..

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