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anyone taking 5-htp for their dystonia ??

anyone tried this ?? thanks

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I'm taking sinemet and I took 5 htp and it made me nauseous.


what were you taking 5-htp for ?? what were you taking sinemet for ?? ... thanks


Sinemet (cardopa/levadopa) Parkinson's, before taking meds I tried the natural way, mucuna pruins,5htp, and L_tyrosyne. I waited 4 years but my right leg wouldn't lay flat, walked on toes. Right leg turns in when not on sinemet and about 6 months ago, left leg started getting Dystonia in morning and when I wait to long to take my dose, 2 pills every 4 hours.


I took it in the past (for mood I believe?) but havent tried it specifically for dystonia. Curious what you saw that makes you think it might help because I think I still have the bottle in a drawer and will try just about anything! :)



hi talyn ... what kind of dystonia do you have ?? i was taking ativan and it helped as my dystonia is worse when i get anxious ... i stopped taking ativan and was looking at trying 5-htp because it is supposed to help with anxiety, stress, etc ... what do you think ? did it help you in the past ?


Hi there!! Okay that makes sense. I have cervical dystonia and am developing hemifacial spasm and blepharospasm. I think there are a couple of others in there we probably havent officially identified yet. You?? Did I see it is in one or both of your legs?

Anyway, it has been quite some time since I tried the 5-htp. Possibly even before I finally got a diagnosis so I honestly cant remember if it helped! My best friend is a master herbalist and I think she is a fan of the 5-htp. I eventually went on a very small dose of sertraline which definitely seems to help keep my panic about the whole rotten situation at bay. Much of the time anyway. I have never had any strange or noticeable side effects either which has been great because that was not the case when I tried the other mood stabilizers out there.

If you are looking to go a more natural route, I personally am pretty religious about Magnesium, Flax Oil, Curcumin, Thiamine, CBD (vape) and probably a few other things I cant think of at the moment - all mostly to help with the pain and inflammation of the muscles and calm the fired up nerves a bit. Getting enough sunlight and exercise seems to help tremendously all around!

Interestingly, I recently have been researching the production of serotonin in the gut (its around 95-99% I believe?) and how to possibly increase the absorption of both serotonin and dopamine through diet and supplementation. I started trying some of this last week and still too early to tell but really interesting stuff! Happy to rattle off some of what I have come across if you have any interest :)

Of everything I have tried, the CBD vape has made a profound difference. My mom, who also has various forms of this dystonia crap has significant improvement in her symptoms when she vapes CBD too. We are both really excited that it helps. Its minimal but its something! And I sleep like a baby now :) Do you use or have you tried any sort of CBD product or hemp oil? I am also a big fan of Gerson Therapy and definitely notice an improvement in mood from it.

Please keep me posted on the 5-htp and any/everything else!!



hi t ... yes i am interested in all of this ... i have dystonia in my left leg ... it freezes up like a block of wood and i can't walk ... it's awful ... i tried CBD tincture a while ago but it didn't really help ... it was like $60 for a 1oz bottle ... i think if i could find a good CBD product it would help ... i've never smoked anything in my life so i would not know where to begin if i tried to vape ... that's why i was looking at edibles ... i stopped taking the benzodiazepine drugs because i didn't want to become hooked ... i'm gonna buy a bottle of 5-htp and see if it helps ... i wish you could just go to walmart or something and buy a CBD pill, but it's not that easy or cost-effective unless you have a suggestion ... best, christopher

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