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Oral/Mandibular dystonia

Is there anyone here who has oral dystonia caused by a tooth injury (dentist or somehow else)? What kind of symptoms do you have?

I think I have four teeth in my mouth (one tooth in every "corner" , 4th teeth) which are infected. Then sometimes my tongue goes up ja jaws are very swollen and painful all the time. One tooth was broken and that was the start of this dystonia :/...

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Hi saarima

I have cervical dystonia so don't know if I can help but ive recently discovered TMJ. There is an orthotic that fits in your mouth that may control symptoms.

Take a look at you tube. It may give you some insight into your problems?

Good luck 🤗


Hi I've had cervical dystonia with tremors since I was 27 I'm 52 now. Does anyone know if they do TMJ in the North East of England or at least in this country all utube videos seem to be American 💘🌈💘🌈


Hi. I checked with my neurologist last year & he told me that TMJ isn't recognised as a treatment. I guess he means in this country.


I agree with you. there's no tmj nor the connection regarding dentist's/GPs /guiding an individual and I strongly wish it was even more awareness of this, as it goes hand in hand with dystonia. really needs addressing by, NHS or NICE


Hi, if you are on Facebook there is a very helpful group on there that might be useful and give you help and advice. the group is called,

tmj and the connection

Hope you find this useful.


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