Best day of my life

Wow had a dyslexia test today and it was very hard the lady said I have dyslexia and dyspraxia I’m can’t believe it after all 19 years of trying and being told it’s in my brain well it’s not I have cried with happy tears today

I can now get the help and move on for a new chapter

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  • Well done for getting it sorted !! Much Respect goes to you !! Keep it up.


  • Thank you here’s to the start of a new exciting chapter now I know I can finally let things in my head go.

  • Well done. Welcome aboard! Now you are a true creative beautiful person - one of us! :) Tell us what you do next.

  • Thanks well im writing a complaint letter for college and to tell them what i been suffering and also hope to get help i need now

  • Make sure you keep a copy of everything and tell them to put hings in writing. They are going to have to give you extra support now. :)

  • Yes I already email tutor and he is going to be putting things in place as I nearly quit due to amount of work load I have and without any support but now they have too finally

  • Check out the Dyslexic Advantage channel on YouTube:

    Think of dyslexia as a super-power. (Okay, so we have a huge chunk of kryptonite around our necks.)

    Also if you are going to college you may find this app useful:

    I use Word Talk all the time. You plug it into Microsoft Word and it will read back to you what is on the page and not what you thought you typed on the page. I love it. And it's free.

    Good luck in college. And remember for dyslexics it's usually the upper courses that are easier. Left-brainers are good at rote memory but we are better at original thinking.

  • Thank you the physiologist wrote down all the technology that i will be needing and things that will help me so college has to apply with.

  • great - now you can insist on getting the right help and they know it!

  • Yes I can the psychologicist wrote down all the tools that I would need and what type of support and what technology I could have as well or I could get so just waiting on the repor they said it would be about 2 weeks and can go from there then.

    I got a lease of life and feel on top of the world now I know and it’s not in my head finally after all these years.

  • That's so good - now you have to fight to get your rights. The college needs to know that you will insist that they do what they have to do to help you and what they promise to do. Keep in touch here - we can help in so many ways :) Have a great weekend -look up Dyslexia Advantage -they are so cool!

  • Ok will do thanks already set up meeting with tutor and head of special needs so to dicuss my needs

  • Oh my gosh, STORY OF MY LIFE. I'm 18, but was only diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia when I started uni this summer even though I had been asking to be tested almost all the way through high school. On the day of the test, I was so nervous. Getting told time and time again there's nothing wrong made me feel so stupid - selfish, even, for asking. It's so difficult. But when the test was complete and my education psychologist told me I was dyslexic, I don't think anyone's ever been happier to have a learning condition ever :_D So glad that you feel so positive too :D You're right, it's all up from here x

  • Look up dyslexia advantage -it's brilliant! The only way is up!!

  • I know exactly how you feel my teachers in high school told me nothing wrong had no help off them only outside private tutor which they saw something was wrong. Nobody took notice my mum went to meetings after meetings to say nothing wrong and her grades are fine I only came out with 4 gcse that was it.

    When I got to college told me the same thing it was down to my self doubt and me not giving myself a break well after 19 years of trying for one my mum paid private and to be told I have two learning difficulties that I have it quite server no one in college believed me.

    I manage to survive three years in colleg without there help and now on a level 4 course

    I also manage my gcse exams by having 4 hours a week private tutors and me teaching my self lessons and learning my way to revise.

    After learning what I got I’m on top of the world feeling because I always been hard on my self and the struggles I been through just to get what’s I got with my results and with college with determination a hell of a lot that got me through no one else. It got to a point we’re it was effecting my body and my mental help because of not knowing don’t know how many times come close to quiting courses because of the struggles.

    But now I know what I have it’s a new lease of life because it effected me that bad.

    Onwards and upwards now I don’t have to struggle it’s a wonderful feeling.

  • Hi,

    I went through a similar experience, thinking I was lazy or mad because I couldn't do things in the way everyone else did. It is exhilarating to find out that it is ok to have to read things 6 or 7 times without being able to answer any questions. In the end I found out that I understood the text better than anyone else because while I was reading and not understanding, I was slowly creating a map, a 3-D map which, in the end, meant in my head I could be anywhere in the text and make great connections.

    My only advice is to take your time finding out how you best learn. We are all different and there is no one prescription. I found some of the dyslexia support advisors assumed all dyslexics learn the same way, but that isn't the case. One adviser told me I had to practice making lists from mind-maps - ridiculous! I can't do lists so why not stick to mind-maps! It probably took me a couple of years to figure it all out myself (and I'm still learning) so, if you are like me, you will need to be a bit patient with yourself. It's not just about others understanding and supporting, I found it was also me understanding myself.

    Enjoy and explore and have fun!

    Best wishes

  • I know exactly how you feel. It's great to hear how you've pushed on despite your doubts and struggles - take every pride in what you've achieved, especially as you've done it all yourself. Now that you have support, make sure to prove everyone who doubted you wrong, as it sounds like you're doing already. Your strength is amazing :)

  • Thank you taken awhile but just because I struggle or don’t get help off tutors so gave me ammunition and strength to prove them wrong

    Hope u get on I’m sure y will

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