Am I worth helping?

I asked because I’ve reached out for help for dyslexia testing and I’ve got not luck.

I was recommended a nonprofit organization but I agreed to do all the testing and send my handwriting sample online. I agreed to do it online because the organization’s office is very far from where I live. I have sent the samples and this was last year march and I haven’t heard from them since. Sometimes I think what’s the point, just forget about trying to get tested but last week in class (private college) we were all reading out loud and I embarrassingly could not read or make out the word reimbursement. I had seen the word before but for some reason I just couldn’t make it out . Although I was helped and I came to the word again I just couldn’t say it. So this why I think I need to be test but what do? I where do I go? without begin referred to a dead end or just being told go to this website and I’m on my own. I live in Miami FL and there are no dyslexic organizations around. I’m 27 so I’m I suppose struggle all my life with my reading and math skills Without help?

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  • I'm sure someone from Dyslexia Action can help you. See the following webpage for your nearest centre.

  • oh I've asked for help from Dyslexia Action and I was just told that I needed to find a nonprofit organizations and that was the end of that. I'm like Where?

  • OF course you are worth helping. Never give up. Look up on the internet for an Educational Psychologist who can test you . It would cost you bout $200 approx but might be worth it as if you get a diagnosis the college may give you extra help. In the UK our students get computers extra time in exams etc. Good luck

  • thanks for the response I'll check the links out.

  • We can skype flemmingast Denmark and I will help you for free. I am 60 and very Dyslexic but made it.

  • That would be great I would have to set up a Skype account.

  • Yes let me know what time some as I am GMT minus 1 hour and what day and time would fit your schedule.

  • weekends would best SAT. or SUN. I'm EST – Eastern Standard Time.

  • We can Skype today 9 AM your time which is 4 PM my time. I will open skype.

  • Holy, cow I over slept! your screen is the some as this name?

  • just invite me flemmingast DK from skype

  • I just set up my account, is skype free? It Maybe a dumb question but I not on these social site a lot I'm new to Skype just asking. If it's not free, I can't do it. I'm see something about rates.

  • I just may end up doing this another time because my mom is on my case about being on the net because we have to go run some Errands GOD!

  • Skype is free. Let me know when you have time to Skype. Have a god one.

  • Check out "Dyslexia and Me" thedyslexicstudent.wordpres...

    She has links to some assessment sites. She also has links to dyslexic organizations.

    I also have some links to sites that might be helpful at the end of my blog on Dyslexia:\

    The real catch 22 with dyslexia is the more stressed you get, the worse it gets. Being called to read and being nervous just makes it worse. Try not to panic and just shrug your shoulders and keep going if you screw up...and when you figure out how to do that please teach me how to do it. I know it's hard when everyone is staring at you like you're an idiot.

    I'm assuming you want the official diagnosis so the college can get you help (or at least cut you some slack.) I am 60 and only found out a few years ago that I was dyslexic. I figured I was just dumb at some things. It's nice to find out I'm not really stupid.

    No two dyslexics are alike so just a writing test might not show your dyslexia at all. Your description sounds like dyslexia to me.

    I've read studies that show dyslexics are of at least average intelligence and often above average and even geniuses. So you aren't stupid. If you can't find help, dyslexics are clever enough to eventually find their own coping strategies. It's just easier and faster if you can find someone who can point you in the right direction. Keep digging and good luck.

  • thanks for the response I'll check the links out.

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