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Dyslexic teenager resitting GCSES for a third time


Hi all

My Daughter was diagnosed when she was 4 with dyslexia, we are now 17. we just received her Maths and English GCSE and she has only got a D grade again, so has to resit for a third time, if she does not get her c grade this time, she will be on the new teaching 0-9 and this will be more difficult.....To be honest I am at my wits end now, with the lack of support we have received over the years. I just want her to pass her GCSE so she can get on to the course she wants and succeed as I know she can. Could anyone tell me the best place to look for private tutors?? I feel this is the only way she will get the grades she needs to keep the government happy and get her on the course she wants. If she fails again I fear it will knock her confidence even more so and she will go back into her shell.

Please help me

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Hi Aqua29, did she get extra time in her exams? My son has dyslexia he is 16 will be 17 in December. I had to fight with his school on a regular basis to ensure he was getting the correct support. Try Gumtree for a private tutor or if you google it, there are so many out there. Another place is mumsnet. If not have a look in your local paper. It really depends on where you live as to what is available. Don't give up hope, my eldest son is on his fourth attempt of GCSE Maths and he DOES NOT have Dyslexia. It can be very frustrating, his college have been ok, and have allowed him to move onto the BTEC extended course even though he did not get Maths, he finally passed English on his 3rd attempt. I am proud of him for not giving up. Hang in there you are not alone, we will see our kids get through this phase.