Dyslexia Assist


Have you talked to your Mom or Dad about it or your school counselorabout it. That is a start. 

📚If your teacher is educated then she will be able to have an open mind about it and not blow you off. She should know the signs, and the processor of how to get tested. She should be professional and not let your two relationship get in the middle of your Delyxia or anyother learning problem.

You are a very observant and strong💪that you figured it out what you might be going through and want to fix it.

I am 45yr and Dyslexic. I figured it about a couple of years ago. Not like you, you can get the proper help by after school tutors and such. It the will cost a lot for me to get the special help I need. Please seek help.

I understand the struggle or misspelling words, missing words when I write, can't concentrate, fustrated, and etc....

Keep your chin up.

There are many Brilliant Famous Dyslexics:

Alexander Graham Bell 

Walt Disney 

Albert Einstein

Whoopi Goldberg

Jay Leno 

Leonardo da Vinci

And many more!

If you want to talk, I will be here. Maybe, I can learn off of you. SMARTY GIRL! 😇Think of all the good things that you are good at it. Is the "possitive" side of Dyslexia. Make a list!



I like to be creative, paint with acrylics, music, draw, I am very observant of what's around me: sky, people, animals, flowers, etc...