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I think i am dyslexic. How can i be tested for it?

Hi so basically i'm just gonna give you this straight

I am 12 years old and i go to a grammar school. I think that i could be dyslexic so i did 2 internet tests and they said that my problems have a high chance of being dyslexic related problems. I just want to know how to get tested for dyslexia.

I know you can do it from the school organizing it. but im afraid that my english teacher dose not like me very much as i get so many basic spellings wrong. And im scared that she will tell me that it is nothing and i need to read more and stop spelling things wrong and that i go to a grammar school so it is not possible. AN d by that happening i will never be able to understand things properally and wont have a succesful life. is there another way that i could be tested for it. please help as it would improve my learning.

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Yes I am going through the exact same thing as you and you should speak to either your parents or even your to and even if you don't want to speak to a teacher about your concerns you could always ask them about ways of overcoming or managing your symptoms such as extra help with spelling or revision.

Good luck