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Where do you all get the latest info on diabetes? Any recs for good blogs, newsletters, etc?

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Hi everybody, my name is Rory. I have type 1 diabetes. I am curious to know how you all get the latest information on diabetes? Is there a newsletter or a blog that is good? Are there any people on youtube making videos?

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hi there rory 😁

Don't get too much traffic from health unlocked with diabetes related posts 😏 Think they Diabetes.co.uk has more blogs but it's more specific related worth searching if u have alot of time cos it's got lots of everything! I get a weekly email from diatribe.org that's good. They're based in the US but they post new info/inventions on diabetes. Hope that helps🙂

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johne7 in reply to HannahB10

diabetes.org.uk/ these folk are good

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Hello rmad40 at DRWF we release need updates on research and diabetes related stories 😁 you can also subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest


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