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New Diabetes Medication: ATR - 258

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This Diabetes medication is developed in Sweden. Is it being tested? It makes all the sugar in the bloodstream go into the muscles - I guess instead of allowing it to go into other organs where it causes damage. This is my rather flaky understanding. Can someone clarify? How far away from coming on the market if proved successful? What happens to the sugar in the muscles?

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this article from March 2022 is about the drug being given the go-ahead for clinical trials in humans

To be honest at this stage it is quite difficult to know when the drug could actually be released to market because it depends on the outcome of the clinical trials and what protocols the testing is following.

It is likely that there will be more than one round of clinical testing and the articles I've seen don't state how long the clinical test is running for.

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Thank you for the clarification, Gambit62. Fingers crossed.

Insulin draws sugar from the blood into the muscles.

Although I cant find any details, it appears to imply ATR-258 acts like insulin, drawing sugar from the blood into the muscles. As a diabetic your body is resistant to the insulin, including the insulin used in existing treatments.

This is maybe why this drug is "'Genius'" (to quote the Daily Mail" :|)

These are phase 1 trails and there will be a few more. I can't find any details, but availability could 2 or 3 years. Depending on the success, funding of each phase of the trials of course. Even if successful (or more precisely the rate of its success), will dictate how widely available this will be is a matter for government and NHS.

Great info. I've heard that Mounjaro is another med on the market already that works the same way (or does it) that also helps greatly in weight loss. I wonder why diabetitians aren't sick and tired of asking their patients to lose weight.

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