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Starting and Stopping: DEXCOM

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Well, I can't believe how things went for the last 10 days with the old sensor. For the last few days before changing the old sensor, there were a few times when there wasn't any readings and it kept alarming that it was Sensor Error for 20+ minutes. Odd enough, yesterday and also on Tuesday-- the alarm went off while I was riding on my stationary bike. This wasn't a good thing since it's not easy to remove a phone and receiver from a pocket to stop two alarms at once while trying to get off of a bike. Also, I wasn't sure what the number was before the readings went away and I had to stop riding both days earlier than I had wanted to so I could go back upstairs and check my numbers. It turns out, things were okay.

After dinner was over last night, I inserted the new sensor and waited for the 2 hour warm up to be done. Things went well with the insertion and no issues with the new sensor so far. The numbers haven't gone bouncing all over the place, so that's a good start.

Stay safe, happy and healthy. Watch this page for more updates to come.

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Here we go again Leah. All seemed to be going well recently, but I guess that nothing lasts forever! Hope the new sensor gives no trouble.

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Thank you, Sue! So far, no worries about anything. Today, I just got done riding my stationary bike and no alarms were going off, so that’s great! Will see what happens in the next few days with the sensor.😀👍

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