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Carbs. & Type 2 Diabetic

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Very recently my husband has been diagnosed with type 2. I'm trying to find out how many carbs. daily is safe to have so I can make sure to keep them low.

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It depends. Most people's body uses about 480 to 640 kcal per day (The Perfect Health Diet, Jaminet and Jaminet 2012) from glycogen, so eating (as well as being yummy) prevents those stores becoming severely depleted/exhausted.

However, anyone who has type 2 diabetes already has more carbohydrate than they need by definition. They need to avoid micro-nutrient deficiencies, but don't need to eat any carbohydrate .

The trouble is that mainstream advice have painted themselves into a corner, recommending carbohydrate consumption as a 'safe' alternative to saturated fat, which it isn't because excess carbohydrate is turned into the harmful VLDL/visceral fat and exacerbates insulin-resistance.

I try to eat between 50 and 100 carbs a day, I check packets etc to see how many carbs are in them. I don’t eat low fat foods but full fat and don’t eat any ready meals which can be loaded with carbs

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Thank you so much

Good luck with your husband. Mine is also type 2 diabetic as am I. He has been for years and takes medication. Over 4 years ago I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica and put on steroids. 6 months after that I was diagnosed with type 2. I was pot on gliclazide and at my first review, after going low carb high fat, I was taken off it due to my hba1c being low. I have been in remission since then. I test my blood sugars regularly so know what I can eat and can’t. I am also lucky to have a lovely diabetic nurse who tells me I am amazing. My husband has lost weight but does not eat low carb and although his medication has been reduced he has to go and see our nurse soon as during lockdown he had put weight on and his hba1c has risen. To me his biggest problem is he doesn’t eat breakfast and snacks a fair bit, and I am sure also eats things he shouldn’t when I am not there!!

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You are doing amazing! I know what it’s like being on steriods I’ve been on them for 13 years continuously awful things but they do the job they are supposed to, I’ve recently lost two stone on them, the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, I’m now what I call a clean eater, I’m trying to get my husband to really watch what he eats, it’s so important isn’t it, you sound as though you have a great diabetic nurse, I will have to look into the high fat eating for my husband too, is that keto

Not keto as that is less carbs but nearly there.I have lost so much weight I used to wear a size 18 trousers and now wear size 10. I ache but feel so much better having gone from 12 stone + to 8 and a half stone. This involved a whole new wardrobe!

That’s brilliant, I only want to lose another half stone but I will do it( hopefully) just watch my intake around Xmas, I’m non drinker so that will help a bit,

You are on tight track. Some comments above are good. I suggest you join Diabetes India forum here in HU. Follow LCHF diet, search for recipes in Diabetes India. Maintain your A1C below 7. Learn carb counting and maintain after meal sugar below 180 or less than 140 % of pre meal reading.

Do regular excercises.

Eat no more than 145 mg carbs per day and no more than 45 in each meal. Besides reading labels, check hidden carbs in home cooked meals. For example, lintels, chick peas or some starchy vegetables also have carbs.

Thank you fat buddy

All good losing weight but be careful of losing muscle mass.

Weights for skeletal muscle, aerobic exercise for the heart.

I swim and do water exercises, use some foam dumbbells.

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