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New Sensor: 10-1-2021: DEXCOM

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Last night, after a few hours when dinner was finished, I had to change the sensor that I had been using for the last 9 days. That sensor was scheduled to be changed today after 11 am. But, since it kept having sensor error multiple times and during the evening, it was necessary to stop the old sensor and insert the newest one I have on since 8:25 pm. I called the Tech. Support and the Rep. said I will be sent a free new sensor. It's coming 3-5 days. I'm hoping the free replacement can do its job better.

When I had opened the new sensor, there was a sticker that said the shelf life date has been extended to 1-31-2022. This is the second sensor that had this sticker/information on the box. I'm not sure why this is being done this way, now, but if I have to call again for another free replacement after the one I had requested/was promised last night, then I will ask them about this extended date. Very surprising to see that on the package.

Since the new sensor has been inserted, it's working so far and not having any alarms going off inappropriately. I'm hoping this continues for the entire time before I have to do another new sensor.

Watch this page for more updates coming soon and stay safe, happy and healthy! :-)

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Well I suppose this is a better outcome with sensor changing than you've had in the past Leah. It nearly made it past the post, but how really odd that message is on the new one. The shelf life of sensors is almost immaterial since whenever you use one it seldom lives up to your expectations anyway. But yes, you can ask about that at some time. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say! Thanks for the update on this ongoing journey you are having with DEXCOM!

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That's right! I don't know why they think it's a good idea to extend a date for sensors if they don't make it to the original dates in the first place, sometimes. The only good thing is, it gives me a chance to see if the sensors can reach the first date that's originally printed without the new sticker/information.

This sensor is okay so far after doing some riding on my stationary bike I've been using for the last few days. It was saying my numbers were angling down, but not too low, so that's good to see so far. I did some riding for 30 minutes today in the afternoon. :-)

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