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New Sensor 8-13-2021

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Hi everyone. This is a picture I had taken last night while having done a new sensor insertion after dinner. I'm so happy that the old sensor that I had used lasted the entire 10 days-- even with some hiccups here and there! This is the 4th sensor that had lasted the correct amount of time. I was extremely surprised about this since I had a feeling that it may not do the entire time because a few times here and there, I was alerted that there was Sensor Error and two mornings having been alarmed for no reason I can figure out. Those two times alarming was before I was suppose to wake up and the numbers weren't even under 200 mg/dl. This confused me since one time was around 4:30-5 am and the other was around 5:30 am.

There was a few times that I had been woken up by the alarm going off because I needed a snack in the early morning. Today was no exception. I was woken up around 5:50 am and had a protein shake and pineapple juice before breakfast. My number was 70 mg/dl when testing and the receiver said I was 76 angling down. For me, this would've gone lower without the snack because we have breakfast around 6:45 or 7 am each day. Also, I got the warning message on the receiver saying that it would be very soon until the Fixed Low/55 alarm would go off. If it had gotten to that point, then the receiver would stop saying how low I was. This would've been bad since I don't feel the lows.

More news to come soon. Watch this page for updates.

Stay safe, happy and healthy! :-)

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Great to hear that it's all been going well of late Leah!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you for saying that, Sue! :-) I'm hoping this new sensor keeps working the way it should-- even if it wakes me in the early morning hours if it's necessary. :-) So far, so good! :-)

Yayyy!! Glad it's working like they should😊

I always try to put my new sensor in the morning...coz sometimes it does take a couple hours for a new one to adjust rather that than a jolly alarm going off during the night with a false low 🧐

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to HannahB10

Thank you!😀👍🙏

Each sensor I start is usually different from each other. I try to time the change timing so I can always either get a number by bedtime or after a lunch time on a day that is a 10th day ( if it lasts that long) or change it after the 3 hours of no readings for that day/time.

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