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I have had the Alan Nabarro medal (for living with diabetes for 50 years) and hope to hope to collect the Robert Lawrence medal (60 years) in a few years time. There is also a John Macleod medal for 70 years and an HG Wells medal for 80 years. To my understanding only one person has received the HG Wells medal.

I would be interested to hear who here has received a medal(s) and which one(s)?

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You have me on that one MichaelJH . I hope God enables you to become one of the fortunate few.

God willing, we will be blessed with treasures in heaven.

Thank goodness alternatives, such as Dr Unwin, Public Health Collaboration.org, Diabetes.co.uk, and X-PERT Health now exist, because the expectation previously was for the condition to chronically worsen.

I'm extremely sad that NICE removed their endorsement of Dr Unwin's sugar equivalent infographics, and ICS (now Xyla) terminated their contract with X-PERT Health for the diabetes prevention programme. Do they really have patient's best interests at heart?

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