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Food poisening with Diabetes


I have type 2 diabetes usually controlled by 4 x 500 g SR metformin per day

Had bad food poisening now day 7 and improving could not keep anything down or even consider a dry cracker bad enough trying to sip fluids did not take meds fir two days did not test as not up to it, day 3 tested and reading was high, astounded, had eaten nothing for over two days only just started to reduce yesterday (day6)

Anyone know why ?

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I have just done a brief search on pubmed combining food-poisoning and hypergylcemia (raised blood sugar levels). A few studies came up that showed food poisoning symptoms can included hyperglycemia, so possible that this is what is going on for

These don't seem to be specific to diabetic populations but it looks as if raised blood sugar levels may be part of the way biological systems respond to food-poisoning.

Please do get medical advice if the systems continue - and you probably should get medical advice anyway if you are still having problems - prolonged periods of vomiting and diarrhoea can also affect electolyte levels and leave you severely dehydrated

JTre in reply to Gambit62

Thank you for your help. I am much improved today. Still taking Imodium sugar levels have gone down a bit. I am keeping well hydrated so fingers crossed all will sort itself out Friend who was a nurse told me I should have continued with the metformin but as I could eat absolutely nothing I stopped for two days.

Appreciate your help. Thank you

Gambit62 in reply to JTre

metformin is used to treat type 2 diabetes. If you are type 1 it may not be an appropriate drug. Suggest you consult a pharmacist when you are well enough to do so.

I am on a similar daily dosage of metformin. On occasions when my food processing system has not been working correctly, I have passed the tablets through intact. Metformin stays in the system for a couple of days and so missing the occasional dosage does not create big problems (so says my heath care professional).

On the other hand if your food processing system has not been operating correctly for 7 days, metformin is the least of your problems. You need to document the symptoms, document the rejection of food from both ends, consider taking a photograph and approach your doctor with this evidence. I assume that you are in the UK with our health care system, If your doc does not respond and start running tests then call 999.

On the other hand:

If you do not have the shelter of a UK type health care system I suggest the following.

Charcoal is one of the best meds against food poisoning (medical charcoal from the pharmacist), The worst food poisoning that I ever had was after eating oysters. That lasted a couple of days. I did not feel great for a few days after that but my food processing system was working after the offending item was dealt with.

I hope you don't mind me asking, you did not mention how high your blood sugar level was. Also, are you exercising. Please please do not feel obliged to share this information.

Kind regards,

and I hope that you master tis issue quickly.

JTre in reply to Kniste

I am not in the uk at the moment but in Antigua. Will not be returning to uk for a couple of months or so. I will ask Dr for a diabetics check on my return Sugar reading currently 8.9 but is going down from 10.9 plus. Stomach settled but quickly after eating a small amount diaorea starts but does not last too long. Physically feeling much stronger today now to top it all I have cystitis now taking a course of cipro antibiotic. All in all feeling stronger and human again.

Thank you for your advice and concern I will look into medicinal charcoal

Kniste in reply to JTre

My readings depend on time relative to the last meal. If you are using the finger prick method then my readings are taken mornings before food and then about 4 hours after food.

JTre in reply to Kniste

Yes I am the same. Readings were very high but I had not eaten anything fir two days. Much improved now after 14 days thankfully

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