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New Sensor Monday Night: DEXCOM (Nuevo sensor el lunes por la noche: DEXCOM)


Hi everyone. Hope you're doing well today.

Hola a todos. Espero que te vaya bien hoy.

Last night, I changed the sensor from November 7th because it kept having issues on and off during the day and didn't get any better by the time I had to go to sleep. So, after stopping the old sensor, I had to wait for 15 minutes to insert the new sensor and start the 2 hour warm up period. By the time I had gotten a reading, it was a few minutes after 11:30 pm. Oddly, the receiver thought my number at the time was over 400 mg/dl, so it showed the word HIGH ->. Not sure how that happened, but at least it showed that it was working right away.

Anoche, cambié el sensor del 7 de noviembre porque seguía teniendo problemas de encendido y apagado durante el día y no mejoraba para cuando tuve que ir a dormir. Por lo tanto, después de detener el sensor antiguo, tuve que esperar 15 minutos para insertar el nuevo sensor y comenzar el período de calentamiento de 2 horas. Para cuando me dieron una lectura, fue unos minutos después de las 11:30 pm. Curiosamente, el receptor pensó que mi número en ese momento era más de 400 mg/dl, por lo que mostró la palabra HIGH ->. No estoy seguro de cómo sucedió, pero al menos demostró que estaba funcionando de inmediato.

I called to get a free sensor sent to me last night and I had been told it should be here in between 3-7 days. We'll have to wait and see what happens since the deliveries lately have been somewhat slow when it comes to getting replacements.

Llamé para obtener un sensor gratuito enviado a mí anoche y me habían dicho que debería estar aquí entre 3-7 días. Tendremos que esperar y ver qué pasa ya que las entregas últimamente han sido algo lentos cuando se trata de conseguir reemplazos.

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Hope you feel better! 🌞

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

Thank you! Doing okay so far. No complaints! :-)

I have to admit I don't know a lot about them because I've had no experience with them but I just want you to be better. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

It’s a 4-5 system. The sensor reads the numbers and the transmitter sends the numbers to the receiver. From the receiver, the numbers go to my phone. From my phone, they go to my parent’s and brother’s phones since they are my followers.😀👍🌈

Oh cool! I hope it works better than the other. 😊

Hi Leah, good luck with the new sensor I hope that you get no false alarms with this one. It’s bad news about the old sensor at least you’re getting a free replacement.

You stay safe and take care now. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Yes, so far so good with this new sensor. Hope it will work for the 10 days.😀👍🌈

Will let you know what happens when I get the chance.😀👍🌈

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