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Last Night After Dinner: DEXCOM & Other News/Information


Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. Sorry this was typed up later than I had planned, but I thought I would have more time to do this posting today instead of last night before going to bed. Some of this has to do with the update on my sensors and the other part is dealing with my upcoming appointment for tomorrow morning with the Endocrinologist.

To start off with, I had to call to get another new, free sensor to be sent in the next 5-7 days. Last night ( and most of the day) was just not good when it came to how the sensor was behaving. After so many times going in and out with readings, alarms going off since 12 am/midnight, around lunch time and during/after dinner, I had decided enough was enough and it had to be removed/changed. So, when I got done switching the sensors ( the newest sensor I have on is doing okay, so far), I talked to the Rep. who answered the phone and I explained to them what had happened. I even brought up the fact that the alarm went off even when the number on the receiver wasn't dropping. Why would there be an alarm going off when the number was there and it was having an arrow going sideways? That makes me curious and worried because the receiver never usually alarms for sideways numbers. The Rep. couldn't give me an answer for that one other than saying I could definitely have a free replacement.

The other thing that bothered me about how this sensor that got removed was acting was: When there were readings, they wouldn't stay for more than 10-15 minutes, so you never knew when a 'good' time would be to stop a sensor and change it for a new one! So frustrating! But, it's the only one I can use for right now, so I can't do anything about it too much at the moment.

I'm expecting to get the free sensor that I had asked for last week by the end of today ( hopefully).

Okay, now for the Endocrinology appointment part of this posting......

My appointment is scheduled for 9:30 am and it will be done by virtual/video chat. I'm hoping to get my A1c and a few other test results during that time that had been done last week. I hope the A1c went down slightly. I will let you know what I find out when it's possible either way. I'm planning to have most of my appointments done by video chat until everything settles down/is better from COVID 19, if possible.

Stay safe, happy and healthy! :-) More to come soon. Watch this page! :-)

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Good grief! What is going on with the sensors? The old GMS was working reasonably well but you've had to change to Dexcom 6 you are getting all sorts of problems. I'm glad I haven't bought one now. I was considering getting one just before the lockdown but I'm glad I didn't because it sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

My diabetes review was put on hold because of Covid 19 but is going ahead later this month. I've to have my bloods done next week and then my appointment a week later. Hopefully, it will be a face-to-face appointment because I cannot do video chat. I don't have Skpe on my rather old mobile nor on my laptop. Anyway, I hope your appointment with your endo goes well and that your HbA1c is within range. Please let me know how you get on.

Take care TT x.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you for letting me know. When is your appointment scheduled for this month?

I cannot remember off the top of my head but I think the blood test is a week on Wednesday and my review appointment the following Wednesday.

I write more tomorrow cos I've to see to my grandson.

Take care xx.

Goodness me, l am not too sure if all the problems with your sensor are more worrying or more frustrating.

I must say that you do handle all the problems very well.

Take care, Tim.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to footgo

Thank you! I have a picture I will post in the next few days for everyone to see. It’s my receiver and my phone. The numbers on both don’t match up!😱

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