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Does heat increase blood glucose levels?

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This is my first summer since being diagnosed. Since diagnosis I have been on low carb and have lost a lot of weight. As a result most days my readings are in the region of 5.5.

Today I have eaten the same food as in previous months but my bg has gone up to 9.1. I have been drinking a lot of water. Is it the heat?

12 Replies
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It could be. Did you wash your hands and try again in case it was a rogue testing stick?

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Fowey2009 in reply to Koalajane

No, I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the group, Fowey2009 .

What do you normally eat during the day and evening hours? Did you contact your doctor about changes in diet? Did the doctor put you on any new medication? If you're on any medication, was there a side effect saying that 'this medication may cause a raise/drop in blood sugars' under the warning/caution section of the information paper?

Sometimes, when the blood sugars go up consistently, the weight may go down because the food isn't being used properly to help the entire body. Same with if you eat a lot and the weight goes up-- using the food correctly and the numbers are close to 'normal' because they aren't running high.

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Fowey2009 in reply to Activity2004

Thank you for your reply. At diagnosis I agreed with the doctor that I would try and lose weight before using medication, and generally that has been successful. So I am not on medication and at my next HBA1C test I am expecting it to be in the ‘normal’ range (based on my regular daily results) - down from 92 on diagnosis. As I said earlier I generally don’t have a problem and eat similar food to that I have been eating since diagnosis. It may just be a one off and I will see tomorrow.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Fowey2009

Sounds good! Please let us know what you find out tomorrow.😀👍🌈

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Less than 50g per day if possible. I use cauliflower rice and Atkins crispbreads. I have been using Michael Mosleys 8 week blood sugar diet which has worked well - I regard it as more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I have also increased my exercise.

I am wondering if today is just a ‘blip’ which is why I wondered whether it was affected by the heat.

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Just my opinion after being Type 1 for 30+ years,and having good control, for what it's worth.

Your blood sugars can vary for all sorts of reasons as you know. Stress has a huge influence on blood sugars. This hot weather causes physical stress to your body and can influence them whether up or down! I certainly wouldn't worry about blood sugars being 9.1 otherwise you'll be a nervous wreck by the time you've had it a few years.

Even worrying about your sugars too much can affect them!!

Be kind to yourself!

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Fowey2009 in reply to Cattledog

Thank you - that is really helpful (and welcome the advice about self-fulfilling prophecy!)

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I have found that even if I don't eat anything my sugar can be high if I am stressed about something. When I was diagnosed it was after my mum died, my husband had a heart operation the dog died and then my mum in law died and on top of everything I was under a lot of pressure at work and had a chest infection. Sugar was 18 when diagnosed. Even now, 19 years later, my sugar goes up if I am worried but I have a relaxation method that helps.

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Fowey2009 in reply to Jorock

Thank you that is really helpful. Would you be happy to share your relaxation method?

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Jorock in reply to Fowey2009

I had bought a book called Hypnotize yourself better and one chapter of the book advised breathing in as far as you could, holding the breath for a count of 10 then breathing all the way out whilst thinking about relaxing on your favourite beach or whatever else makes you happy. I used to focus on the fabric I had purchased. Do it three times. I've been retired 7 years now and still haven't had the courage to cut into that particular fabric (my sanity though some may say I never had any sanity lol). If I go for my review and my blood pressure is a little high I just breathe gently and relax and it always works. When she takes it again it's always ok. I get het up in case they want to put me on more medication.

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Fowey2009 in reply to Jorock

Thank you, that is really helpful. I have been exercising a lot so my blood pressure is the best it has ever been. However I did have a few stressful issues with work. I also fell over twice whilst running in addition to disturbing a wasp nests and getting stung on my face! I did wonder whether any of those impacted the blood glucose as I hadn’t changed what I ate. It’s all so new to me that I don’t yet understand what factors affect me and how long they take to impact (and then get back to normal). I guess everyone is different and I will start to recognise what is happening. Once again,thank you for your very helpful reply.

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