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Test glucose strips please Help ASAP

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What’s the name of the test strips for urine dipping I bought some from the pharmacist for my husband as he is very newly diagnosed type 2, and it’s showing normal but two weeks ago he was the last colour, looking online it saying they don’t always give true reading which has now made us think is he doing as well as we thought he was

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The ones we bought are in a yellow and white box. Please could you advise best ones to buy and where from?

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Has the doctor mentioned there's an issue with the blood sugars/urine testing at the last appointment?

He was told that his blood sugar was way to high and that he’s type 2 diabetic he was 15 on the monitor that you do the prick test, and another reading she took came out at 88, she said it should be between 45/75 she said about testing urine via the plastic sticks to indicate the sugar in urine which I went and bought straight away: they are showing same colour as the dipstick , but when was tested at drs the colour was the last colour indicating very high, he has been left to our own devices and not able to see anyone for 6 weeks, but he is very determined to get this under control and I want to help him in any way I possibly can, he’s only been diagnosed just before Xmas and this is the only appointment he’s had

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Did the urine test show that he had ketones in the urine?

Sorry I can’t remember but I do know that she said she wanted the first colour to come up that’s what he should be aiming for instead of it showing the last colour as far too high, As it was the first ever appointment we found it a bit overwhelming it was a shock to be told this, he is so new to this, I feel that we will learn much more after we have seen a diabetic nurse but it’s weeks away and she said she hadn’t got time to explain things to us, he has n is changing his eating patterns, sticking as much as he can to low carb foods lots veg etc, he’s a non drinker but does smoke, I needed to know the name of the urine test strips as he was so pleased that he’s back to first colour after two weeks of eating very differently, but then reading reviews so disheartened to read some ppl stating they can give false reading

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I'm a type 1 and when I was much younger, one of my doctors told my parents to do urine/ketone testing when the numbers were high. The test always came back negative/no ketones.

Here's the DRWF's free leaflets for you to look over and show to your husband's doctor at the next appointment. I hope they help. :-) Go to:


Thankyou so much

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You’re welcome! 😀👍 Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was having lunch.

That’s ok

Urine dipsticks are not an accurate way to measure blood sugar. You really need to get a blood testing kit that tests your blood via a finger prick. A low carb diet, the loss of excess weight and exercise are things that your husband can do.

Keeto Stix (dip in urine)or GlucoRx do strips for the meter


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