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Just an update

Hi, have not been on to write a post for a while, mainly due to moving house, and secondly have been keeping records on what has been happening. Brief recap diagnosed type 2 January, told not to eat any carbs, put on mitformin 3 times a day and left to my own devices. The medication did not help, in fact it gave me terrible side effects. Under protest the gp put me onto Jardiance , which gave me very low readings, (purchased my own meter and strips) I was getting readings such as Lo and 1.9. Told gp who said not to worry. The pharmacist told me that was not good enough so back i goes to the surgery! Upshot was, the gp said the CCG have no set practice for diabetes patients in the area, and he felt he was doing the best he could. Bear in mind I had lost about 5kg in weight which was being wiped out by the new medication which has a known effect of weight gain, plus hypos, increased thirst and weeing.! Was drinking 1.5litre of water a night, and up to the loo about 6 times!

So being the rebel i am, i decided to do it my way.

I have changed my diet radically. I do have some carbs every day, usually a piece of fruit and 1 slice wholemeal bread.

I don't touch pasta, rice or potatoes, no crisps or fizzy drinks.

I have chicken,turkey, bacon and pork, cheese, eggs and full fat yoghurt, usually with some berries (about a small ramekin dish size berries and yoghurt together)

I have lost the 3kg that i put on plus another 3kg so i am losing.

I am only getting up once in the night and on waking my levels are 5.1 which is really good from what they were.

I am not taking any medication apart from stomach meds which i was on anyway.

I am actually feeling much better in myself, and able to walk a little further each day.

I have registered with a new practice, and see the Diabetic Nurse this week, and the doctor the day after. Despite being told i dont know my body best by my former gp actually i think i do. My mid day reading after lunch is 6.0 so i am pleased with that especially seeing it was 9.6 in January. Not advising anyone else to do this, but it seems that i may have hit whats right for me.

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I sometimes think that GPs are in such a hurry to put you on tablets when you are first diagnosed, without giving you many of the details you need to know about your condition. The regime you have set for yourself is very similar to mine. I don't believe that you should completely cut carbs out from your diet. Like yourself, I don't eat much bread and I have also cut out potatoes and pasta from my diet. I don't miss them, either. My blood sugar reading is 7.5 this morning, coming down from 9.2 in January. I am on Metformin twice daily. I am lucky that I don't suffer from side effects with it. I have lost half a stone since January,too. Good luck with your continuing regime!!

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