Extreme thirst, diabetes or a phase?

I'm a 19 year old girl and have recently been diagnosed with CFS/ME. However, the past few years I have noticed I have been unable to put on any weight. Being 5ft10, I only weigh 55kg, thus am what the NHS would say 'underweight'.

Having CFS means I always feel tired, anxious, have swollen glands and have trouble sleeping, etc.

Recently, however, the past month or so I have been extremely thirsty, to the point I'll manage to drink over a litre of water in an hour, to the stage where my head feels as though it's drowning, but still I am still thirsty. Obviously along with this is needing to go to the toilet more frequently. In the past I'd go toilet 2/3 times a day maximum, now its at least once ever hour.

Also, though I wear glasses, I have been having bursts of fuzzy vision whereby I cannot read a book or even see the TV due to half my vision in both eyes going strange, one burst lasted an hour.

My mum is worried it could be diabetes, but being the size I am its probably unlikely it would be type 2

If anyone could give some advice or reassurance I would be very grateful. I am currently doing my exams so haven't got time to book in at the doctors until after which is still three weeks away.

Thank you:)

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  • Hi amc123,

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    Do you have an eye doctor that you can make an appointment with about the bursts of fuzzy vision? Eye issues can be very serious and in some cases need to be looked into sooner than later.

    Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website for the free leaflets. All leaflets can be downloaded, read and/or listened to at anytime. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

    I hope this helps. Please let us know what you find out.

  • Till such time you get medical help , you can try '' Terminalia chebula ' an ayurvedic herb homeopathically made in mother tincture and 3 drops in a half glass of water twice per day . It acts on all the three humors and thus restores balance in the body . Health is harmony and disease is disharmony . It never harms . It restores the harmony . Whatever the name of the disease when balance gets restored one would get out of the problem . After the exams you can consult a doctor . I gave this to many patients and absolutely it is harm less . You can try this for 10 days .unfortunately there are many misconceptions about homeopathy and Ayurveda which have been promoted by the vested interests .

  • Whilst I appreciate you have exams you really should see a doctor. Drinking too much water can be dangerous. And you really need to get checked out to see what is going on.

    If you feel this unwell that is going to affect your revision and may affect how you perform in the exams.

    Most gps have clinics early morning and late evening so you should be able to find a time to suit. Often appointments are some time away so you might not get an appointment for 3 weeks anyway!

  • I think a lot of GPs would classify this as urgent that you see them. Tell the surgery what is making you ask for an appointment - that might help. Remember, your eyesight is so precious and exams can be re-sat. Tell your teacher, they may be able to help with this.

  • I think you need to speak to the exam co-ordinator/welfare officer or whoever the appropriate person is about your current health and also get an urgent appointment with your doctor.

    I don't see that you are going to get the results you deserve if you are needing to drink/ use the loo so frequently and are having vision problems.. Also delaying seeing the doctor could put your health at risk.

  • It is possible that diabetes could be a thing and it won't take long for a Doctor to check it. If it's Type 1 then not visiting the Dr could have disastrous effects, less so for Type 2 which is diagnosed in people of all shapes and sizes. People don't get Type 2 just because they're overweight, thin people get diagnosed too.

    If you're at university do you have a campus Doctor or medical team who could at least do a blood glucose check?

  • Do you have a school nurse who could do a quick finger prick test? This is NOT a substitute for seeing a doctor by any means but might give you a first idea as to your blood sugar levels.

    Left without a proper diagnosis diabetes is highly dangerous and, let's face it, if you collapse you will end up missing your exams anyway. Don't take the risk.

    Wishing you well with exams and hoping you don't have diabetes. Stay in touch and let us know how you get on. :)

  • Please see a doctor asap, it could be type 1 Diabetes but none of us are medically qualified to advise you to take even "natural" remedies. It is unlikely to be type 2 but not impossible. My friend was diagnosed type 1 age 24 and had similar symptoms to you so get an appointment ASAP to check things out.

  • amc123

    what's CFS/ME?

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