Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetes Association

Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetes Association

SEPT. 20, 2016

In a letter to the Editor of new York times: Mr. ROBERT E. RATNER

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer,American Diabetes Association clarifies the Association's stand read the letter published.

Re “The Old-Fashioned Way to Treat Diabetes,” by Sarah Hallberg and Osama Hamdy (Sunday Review, Sept. 11):

The writers cite a study that recommends a daily intake of 20 grams of carbohydrates, an extremely low-carb intake for anyone. Maintaining such a diet requires excluding major food groups, including fruit, grains and starchy vegetables, and can contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

The American Diabetes Association does not recommend any specific diet for people with diabetes. The best nutrition plan for patients is one that they can realistically achieve, given their life and circumstances. The association’s nutrition therapy goals and recommendations are based on the latest scientific research, and are reviewed and updated every year within our Standards of Care.

The first-line treatment recommendation for Type 2 diabetes is built on a comprehensive medical evaluation to meet the individual needs of each patient. The foundations of care include self-management education, nutrition, counseling, physical activity, psychosocial care and possibly medication.

Diabetes is a complex and lifelong disease that requires personalized care from an integrated team of multiple medical providers, and the care plan will evolve throughout each patient’s lifetime as his or her health changes and additional needs emerge.

The American Diabetes Association recommends metabolic surgery only as an option for some patients who meet specific medical criteria, including patients with severe obesity.


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  • Unfortunately they have no data about ancient treatments/way of life... be it Chinese, Indian or African...

  • Thank you for the great information.

  • There is no scientific basis for advocating eating carbs in general.

    It is insane to recommend for diabetics to eat high carb diet. It is well established that carbs raise blood sugar and puts pressure on the pancreas. This leads to high blood sugars and over stressing the pancreas (beta cells).

    ADA say: "Maintaining such a diet [low carb) requires excluding major food groups, including fruit, grains and starchy vegetables, and can contribute to nutritional deficiencies."

    This is ridiculous. As said before there is no scientific basis for advocating eating carbs in general.

    There are good carbs and bad carbs. Excluding grains, some fruits and starches leave you with very healthy choice of fruits, berries, and colourful vegetables. This is very healthy choice of carbs and they are nutrient rich foods.

    The most important thing is to eat a diet that provides adequate intake of vitamins and mineral. It doesn't matter if you get your Vitamin A from grain or kale. However, it is important to consder how your food affects you blood sugars. Thus, eating the right carns not only provides you with the micronutrients you need but also contributes to lower blood sugars.

  • Who is advocating high carbs?What is meant by high carbs in your opinion?

    There are so much varieties which absorbs slowly in the stomach and does not raise blood sugar abnormally,do you agree/

  • Ada recommends bread. Sugar in small qty.

    Just see their website

    Bread just sky rockets blood sugar

    Hence we say that it's unscientific

  • Who advised you to follow ADA diet, eat home made food which do no spikes blood sugar if you eat it intelligently .

  • I am not following it

    But pointing out the world bodies which you all follow

    I am following LC** by the way.

    Just don't divert from the discussion.

    See the thread above again respond

  • That diet is realy good. I have noticed that Intermitent Fasting gives even betterresults especially if combined with that diet.

    I would recommend watching this video to learn the benefits of intermittent fasting:

    Jason Fung is a canadian doctor who also recommends intermitent fasting and/or lowering carbs.

    Both methods work. I follow the method. Fasting is the most effective method for me, although i just eat about 50 gr (total carbs).

  • I do not follow ADA guidelines, blindly

  • All diabetics are different. Eating one way may not be right for the other person-- or group of people.

  • Ada diet is not being followed universally and blindly . Nutritional food , in right quantities and right ratios is advocated . In India bread is not the staple food . Who is asking to take bread . Typical Indian breakfast consists of all nutrients .Aping the west in life style and food is the root cause of all maladies .Where is the need to go for bread , butter , jams , pastas junk food . Our own native food is very tasty and healthy. Even in Indian food also where is the need to go for stacks and stacks rotis , vessels and vessels of othereatables .If that drastic reduction in food is undertaken , how it becomes high carb food .

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