An inspiring tory of a Footballer Star McDougaller Neil Robinson -

An inspiring tory of a Footballer Star McDougaller Neil Robinson -

"As a vegan, where do you get your energy from?" The answer, quite simply is...PLANT POWER!

I was born in England in 1957, the youngest of seven children (six boys and one girl). Growing up as a child in the 1960's and early 1970's, Mum was a great influence on our family's health, advising us to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and introduced us to the new 'health' foods of the day such as 'muesli' and 'cider vinegar'. Mum sadly passed away in 2005 from a stroke caused by a congenital heart mitral valve defect, at age 86.

In 1970, at age 13, after my brother John had become a vegetarian, I too became vegetarian after watching a TV documentary about an Amazonian tribe who sacrificed a cow by slitting its throat. I was shocked by this sudden and stark realization that meat was actually the flesh of a once living animal! I thought to myself that this is so wrong for humans to do this to another species and I decided then and there that I no longer wanted to eat any more meat or fish.

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  • Sadly ragivrao the link does not work.

  • Got it - thanks. Just read it.

    I wonder where he gets his Vitamin B12 from for he, as a vegan, is in danger of becoming deficient as it can only be sourced naturally from meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products although some cereals can be fortified with it and Marmite contains it.

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