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So, this is the oddest two "weeks" for me using the DEXCOM system.  When the first sensor failed/stopped working recently, I was on the phone getting in touch with the DEXCOM's Support Tech to get myself a free new sensor sent to my house.  While on the phone, the replacement that I had inserted didn't even last 15 minutes inside and under the skin!  So, instead of getting one free new sensor shipped out to me, the Support Tech crew sent me two free sensors.  I never even had the chance to calibrate for the first "NEW" sensor.  The second one worked, but right now, I don't know if it'll last until the afternoon tomorrow (new day to change sensors).  If it doesn't last through the rest of today, I'm going to change it later and see what happens since I have a field trip closer to my house tomorrow for the Seniors (we have a Senior EXPO).

De este modo, esto es las dos "semanas" más raras para mí usando el sistema DEXCOM. Cuando el primer sensor falló/paró el funcionamiento recientemente, estaba por el teléfono que me pone en contacto con la Tecnología de Apoyo del DEXCOM para ponerme un nuevo sensor libre enviado a mi casa. ¡Mientras por el teléfono, el reemplazo que había insertado no duró hasta 15 minutos dentro y bajo la piel! De este modo, en vez de conseguir un nuevo sensor libre enviado a mí, el equipo de la Tecnología de Apoyo me envió dos sensores libres. Nunca hasta tenía la posibilidad de calibrar para el primer "NUEVO" sensor. El segundo trabajó, pero ahora mismo, no sé si durará hasta la tarde mañana (nuevo día para cambiar sensores). Si no dura a través del resto de hoy, voy a cambiarlo más tarde y ver lo que pasa ya que tengo un viaje de estudios más cerca a mi casa mañana para los Mayores (tenemos una EXPOSICIÓN Mayor).

Yesterday, I went to Damascus High School's Swarmin' Spring Sale. While I was there, my blood sugar on the DEXCOM went up to and above 400 mgdl for no good reason (I had a hot dog and cheese flavored popcorn with a bottle of water for lunch (9 grams of carbs.)). There wasn't any good reason that I could think of for it to have the DEXCOM go that high and then play the high alarm music. I guess, in some odd way, it was good that it made noise because I was notified that certain DEXCOM receivers were inappropriately not alarming or do alarm, but either have no sound for music or it does, but at a false time for both highs and lows. So far, so good. Mine lets me know. Saying this, knock on wood, mine is one that had the recall numbers for the alarms NOT WORKING! Will see what happens!

Ayer, fui a Swarmin de la Escuela secundaria de Damasco' Spring Sale. Mientras estaba allí, mi azúcar en la sangre en el DEXCOM se acercó y encima de 400 mgdl por ninguna buena razón (tenía un hot dog y queso palomitas de maíz condimentadas con una botella del agua para el almuerzo (9 gramos de carbs.)). No había buena razón en la cual podría pensar para ello para tener el DEXCOM van que alto y luego tocan la música despertadora alta. Adivino, de algún modo raro, estaba bien que hizo el ruido porque me notifiqué que ciertos receptores DEXCOM no eran inapropiadamente alarmantes o realmente alarman, pero no tienen sonido para la música o hace, pero en un tiempo falso tanto para máximos como para mugidos. Hasta ahora, bien. Mío me avisa. ¡Diciendo esto, golpe a la madera, mío es el que que tenía los números de memoria para las alarmas que NO TRABAJAN! ¡Verá lo que pasa!

Keep on reading and I will check back in later.

Siga leyendo y revisaré de nuevo en más tarde.

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Hi Leah,

Good day, Sometimes strange foods like hot dogs will shot me up because of the fillers they have in them. All depends on the brands like organic. I must have a couple with warmer weather on the grill all brat's. brand is specific. Being at a fair you can not control these options, next time maybe select something different or take a sandwich.


I didn't have a way to keep a sandwich.  I would have to eat a bar if I didn't eat the hot dog.

What's new by you?  How's the weather?


Bars have so many carb's by themselves. I find at times they can jet me up usually just eat 1/2 a bar and then not a meal. 

Not much new going for some follow up doctor appt.'s it's been about 3 months. Weather has been cold this past week rainy. Hoping for May flowers, my deer are ready to give birth any day. Abby comes by with 2 young ones, one looks like it might have a baby too, so funny we put the grill on and they show up for their corn.

Enjoy your day tomorrow,

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