Type I Diabetes

My sister at the age of 46 got Type I diabetes, and we were all completely gobsmacked, because that type usually happens in younger individuals.  No one in our family history has ever had this, and she was totally bitter and angry when she found out.  I know in the USA, diabetics have to pay for their insulin and everything else, while in the UK medication is free with a chronic disease.  I worry about her constantly, and just hope there is a cure for diabetes in the future.  She doesn't want the pump at all and I don't blame her.  She has always been skinny, and I couldn't believe it when an old acquaintance came up to her one day and said, 'Melinda,  I hardly recognized you' (implying weight gain) and now she's been dieting too much.  If I ever see that horrible girl again, duct tape is in order along with strong verbal abuse.  Why do stupid people even talk much less give their uncalled opinions to inadvertently chastise someone else?

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  • Would she be willing to look into the DEXCOM system for blood sugar control?

  • Thanks Activity - I just looked it up and seems a lot easier to manage.  I'll pass the information along to Melinda.  I wish she'd join this forum as I've told her about it many times.

  • You're welcome!  If she likes the information on the DEXCOM, she should read my weekly updates I post on how it's been working for me.  I'm actually going to post a new posting about it either later tonight, OR in the next few days.  It depends on my free time and if the weather conditions are going to cooperate.  I don't use my computer when there's thunder and lightning.

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