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I am due to go to Portugal late March but am finding it impossible to get travel insurance. The latest company I am dealing with wants to know about pills about which I know nothing. They want to know what high blood pressure pills I am on - whether my pills have changed since my stroke, whether they've gone up and down! And are waiting for blood tests and a heart monitor. Does anyone have any idea about a travel insurance company who can help. Most are implying that I won't be able to travel for 2/5 years.............

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Hi 1725catherine I don't know if will help, I had a stroke almost a year ago but since then I traveled to Paris and Portugal. I have a current account with the Nationwide Building society and get free travel insurance as part of the deal. Before traveling I phoned them to let them know about the stroke and they assured me that it was no problem. If all else fails re insurance maybe open an account with them.

Try Boots ....

I've travelled to Portugal, Russia, Mongolia, China and India since my stroke in Oct 2014 ....

Good luck :-)

Stay sure are usually ok. I had a stroke just over a year ago and got an annual policy with them last September. Have you tried them?

I have travel insurance included with my bank account and I had to call on this last year when my stroke meant I had to cancel tmy holiday. I am planning to finally get away at Easter this year. My consultant has confirmed that there is no reason why I should not fly. When I phoned the insurance company they asked me similar questions to the ones you have mentioned but then they offered a supplementary insurance to cover anything related to high blood pressure or stroke which would now count as pre-pre-existing conditions.. So I am all sorted. It seemed a fairly straightforward forward process. I am looking forward to seeing a bit of sunshine and fairly confident it will help with my rehab. Good luck with getting something sorted out!Forgot to say that my travel insurance was free with nationwide building society flex account as mentioned by Gruff above.

I tried Staysure and they insured me for a cruise to Europe whilst there are other companies. staysure were very helpful best of luck. My stroke was ten months ago.

Initially tried Staysure but stumbling blocks the whol way........

I'm sure I've seen loads of adverts on tv offering insurance with pre-existing conditions and suppose that a web search for travel insurance pre-existing condition stroke might help - I hope to need it myself later in the year;-)All the best to you and I hope you are successful and have a brilliant holiday

Thank you for that......I will google it! Seems crazy for four days but has to be done......

Yes, has to be done....I used travel supermarket to narrow the options initially. For European countries don't forget your ehic card too ☺

I had a TIA just over a year ago.. i have got travel insurance on line through Avanti.. Not cheap but definately not the most expensive.

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