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Different Strokes
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Deafness after stroke


I am looking for others like me, I am totally deaf in right ear with huge balance issues. Just wondering if anybody else out there like me?

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Hi. I had my Stroke in 1998 at the age of 32. This took my left side, no hearing in left ear, Double Vision + No Sight in Left Eye + No Feeling Down The Left Side+ much much more!!!!! I have also got Chronic Pain down my Right Side!!!!!!! So I don't have a good "Side" Anymore!!!!!!'



Nice to here from you, does your one sided deafness effect your balance too, I take behistine, which helps.

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Hi. Yes at first in 1998 I used to walk like I was "Drunk" I used to get funny looks as well. I used to let it go over my "Head" to date I have persevered with it and over time it has got better. Unfortunately I now have "Chronic Pain" down my "Rightside" so I am "House/bed bound"



Sorry to hear about your pain and being housebound. Strokes are a fickle thing and effect us all differently. I do get about, but my legs are starting to buckle a lot, I lost 2.5 stone which has helped. They suspect mine started from my Artrial fibrillation, although neurologist does not agree. Having genetic testing done at the moment. Hope you have a good day today 👍🏻


I'm totally deaf in my left ear I can't balance

Instead of getting me down , I look for ways of doing what I really love

For example to ride a normal bike, I can't , I bought myself a adult trike



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