health unlocked site-are the discussions helpful in understanding the diabetes as a disorder to correct or just speculative views blogged

Before the invention of insulin, diabetes was a deadly disorder of the body and major killer of people like cancer today..Insulinn extracted from pigs and purified and injected on patients helped in controlling the disorder.Subsequently several oral drugs got in the act and now several bloggers have given their names here.But there is no information on its cure and why it occurs and why the body cannot correct itself like other organs which gets repaired automatically.If you fracture your leg it gets healed,.If you injure your skin it gets healed.Why the same body mechanism cannot cure diabetes is the question to be answered.

I find contradictory information from the bloggers.Some argue lowcarbohydrate high fat will help.somone else says eating sugar only at interbvals as food is helpful..Can we focus on the correct food we eat and its quantity ,quality and digesting ability.It is almost clear that diabetes is the disturbance of function or structuret of an organ of the body.

It is also logically argued by nutritionists that this disorder is because of accumulation of foreign matter,waste products of digestion,dead cells,poisonous elements and toxins..Again it is argued that this accumulation is due to loweing of vitality,imperfect elimination and faulty digestion brought about by slggish functioning of the various organs.which again stated to be due to denatured devitalised and deminaralised food we eat which interfers with natural process of metabolism and catabolism of body system.

I feel the bloggers should express on this isuue so that we all get educated.

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  • Thanks

    a very good topic explained now it should be answered from great experience. however as per my experience if any one can drink 1-1.5 litre light hot water (not worm) in morning empty stomach before brush can get definite benefit from almost disorder.

  • Dear Friend , what you mentioned ,drinking light hot water , empty stomach ( First thing in the morning whithout even brushing the teeth ,is actually even better ) is thousands year old remedy known to many of us from their parents ( people who trust in our old Yog and Ayurved as Best medicie for life ) or Yog Ayurved Science practitioners . Wag Bhutt who lived 130 years life and was Charak Rishis shishya , made many such Naturopathy inventions , Studied Charak sanhita , Sutras and practiced on thousands of patients throughot his life .

    This apparently simple remedy can cure 50 to 60 % of our ailments ,and we can get health at No costs ,avoid expensive medicines .

    tusosa (mbl 9819852161)

  • It is rightly put as disorder but not as a disease or injury that can be healed. Since it is a disorder like corruption in the society we have no scope for its eradication but can be controlled. Diabetes along with BP and Asthma, I have noticed never calls for any leave from our regular duties. The consequences such as fatigue and perspiration only reduces the efficiency hence like corruption and hooliganism in the society needs to be kept under control.

  • I fully appreciate the points elucidated above. In stead of pushing for what I did /do, it should how a normal person can do. Generally, when a cut / an injury happens it is confined to to that spot /place only. Then it becomes easy to correct it / heal it. If it happens with metabolism, then we have address it in totality; holistically.

    Here-in-where most of people differ in their view and say I am right. I practice. some say Low carbohydrate and high fat; they just disagree for high protein;

    God has not created a very simple key to problem. He has placed hidden in may. Because God wants human to be social.

    People feel that high carbohydrate would lead to high Triglyceride. A simple solution to regulate / restrict triglyceride is water. If enough water is consumed TG would be normal.

    To check this we need not do any clinical trials. Just test it yourself.

    And share with others.

    Some-body mentioned about Moringa to cure diabetics; There is lot of sound on MLM kind of marketing; let us eat moringa leaves / fruits and test it ourself. From literature we know that moringa has got lot of essential amino acid.

    One thing is sure that T2DM is reversible.

  • Cure will never happen as there is no money in CURE for the Pharma LORDS.

    They will keep spending money on PATENTS on drugs that they can sell on "RECURRING" basis. If they cured diabetes where's the money? This is Allopathic medicine.It doesn't believe in curing. A MA was a ailing body before Rockefeller purchased the body for $10000 and laid down the foundation stone of drug centric approach. Till 40's of last decade we just had doctors ... situation worsened after that because then we started having specialist which compartmentalized human body more and resulted in more DRUGS being sold.

  • I think we should remember the uniqueness of each person,his body,his health problems and solutions thereof.Generalizations do not work all the time for all.At best they can be considered,see if they are helpful to you and if so,try them out.There is no need to push an idea aggressively that some people may not agree and react unpleasantly.We can put forth our experiences,views and knowledge freely and leave decision to the concerned.I find it particularly objectionable when people try to make money out of the this blog site like some body is lamenting about his ED and reply comes giving a e-mail i.d soliciting a contact.But over all I find this blog site really educative and an outlet to share something that you have some experience.Without being aggressive,of course.

  • As for LCHF there's no argument. It works and works on anyone who is willing to believe common sense and is willing to attempt and is willing to read more and more what diabetics across the world post everywhere. All arguments against LCHF has come in from the decades of brainwashing against FAT and comes from people for whom ADA/AHA/AMA manuals are considered bible truth. They have been challenged but there's a nexus that works behind such nexus.

    Doctors overseas have started opening their eyes to LCHF when they see their patient improve considerably ... patient after patient ... India it will take time as we only tend to "FOLLOW" what has been done by WEST because here everything needs a label of "Approved By USA" or "Made in USA" to catch imagination of people.

    If one has already damaged one's body with conventional diet so much so that that kidney is failing, heart is already at it's low then nothing can help.

  • Anup, I always see your comments and I appreciate your direct no nonsense comments ( health drinks, snake oil etc etc) . But I also find a few things you are highly critical about ( cost of drugs) companies ripping off patients etc. Hope you will accept the fact that if a company invests on a new product only 10 products comes to Phase -3 in about 200 molecules. By that time the company would have invested billions of dollars to find a better product for the humanity. Lets be appreciative of that fact. I have known many companies loose a fortune when drugs fail just before its out in the market. I know companies who are actively involved in finding a cure for Diabetes and if found they can make a fortune if they can cure diabetes. But continue you direct comments since it puts many unwanted elements like "dr arun" who really spoiled the whole educative nature of the blogs.

    Today Indians do not look out for " approved in USA" any longer. For that matter Metformin was not available in USA for nearly 20 years since it was available in India. It fact USA followed India on this wonderful product.

    Always nice to see sensible comments from your side

  • Paul, i am sure you would have heard about how NOVARTIS lost the Patent case in India recently and now globally there's a campaign against India so to say ... what was impact of the case?

    A $2500 patented medicine becomes a $200 generic medicine. Aren't the $200 medicine manufacturer making money? they sure are. Problem is not the issue of costs ... the problem is PATENT CENTRIC business model. Do you know for good one decade FDA was hounding Dr Stanislaw as he claimed 60% success rate in curing cancer and had patents in his name that some big corporate wanted to be snatched and was using FDA as a means? As soon as FDA lost the case after harrowing experience for Dr Stanislaw, the company that was wanting the patent went BUST.

    Problem if you see the way American Patent system has recently been modified is nothing but heading towards "ECONOMICAL COLONIALISM" where instead of Guns of British emptire now they use PATENTS of Good Ol America to loot any nation. American patent system went through a change very recently where now anyone with mere "idea" (no working prototype) can run to patent office and file for patent. In addition now patent can also be granted to anything that existed before in public domain but was not patented. This is precisely what Smartphone company like APPLE is doing. They spend more time in Patent office these days.

    Just recently i heard that NESTLE is trying to get patent of fennel plant for some drug use. It is this PATENT CENTRIC fanaticism that bothers me. Where's the idea of healthcare for poor?

    GOOD NOVARTIS Lost the case. All Patents should be null and void after 2 years. FDA starts issuing warnings as soon as STATINS go generic are about to go generic ... why? because the Lord Pfizer et al are coming out with another Patented STATIN substitute maybe.

    It's a nexus of PATENT TROLLS that makes me HATE them. The collude with Food industry to spread the disease. Monsanto is part of that NEXUS.

  • I agree with Novartis case since it was NOT a new molecule but a line extension only. The patent is normally awarded for 15 years after registering and by the time the drug comes to market it is already 5- years lost and by the time they establish another 2-3 years is lost and hence they have around 6- 7 years to make the money what they have spent. If really a good molecule then I do ascribe to patents since it is something where lot of research, energy, testing has gone in.

    But for line extensions it is definitely bad to give patents and it is good that Novartis lost the battle.

    I am with you on fennel plant etc.

    But a carpet criticism on all companies may not apply. There are positives and negatives and we must be critical if something bad happens.

    Good keep the tempo

  • One small clarification on your post. The $200 company definitely makes money but they have not incurred the billions of dollars spent by the $ 2500 dollar who spent sleepless nights in bringing that product to the market. This is exactly like the films being produced and pirated Cds being produced. It will pinch the guy who produced the film though the CD guys makes money. Hope my example is self explanatory.

    Your example of APPLE is correct.

  • I don't think they really spend BILLION $ on research but they want trillions for sure out of million that they spent. When a study found out that injecting LEPTIN made an OBSESE mouse slim then eyes of entire MAFIA glittered as they sensed that they can lay their hands on something that cam earn them few trillions more. 3-4 years is more than enough to recover entire expenditure provided they stop funding doctors for writing pills, sponsoring their summer vacation trips and sending cash every month for writing pills. US has a data of how much lords are spending on Doctors.

    Films land on TV in few weeks.

    Why should medicines run on patent for 15 years?

    If they keep 1 billion dollar to pay in damages when they get caught this nonsense will continue. They gleefully settle for damages outside the court. Why? So they know they are wrong (no bigger crime than doing something WILLFULLY WRONG) and in their business model of PROFITS they keep provisions for these things.

    BTW, the same FDA which was trying to label Dr Stanislaw Fraud and have his medical license revoked is now allowing clinical trials of his stuff i think. What changed suddenly? ... maybe "Green Money" changed hands and there's a deal struck.

    Sorry i can never agree on the exorbitant money that they charge. They make insane profits then commit insane crime and then settle out of court.

  • Oh and i forgot a recent case where a heart surgeon in US of A with more than 5K operations in his lifetime had his license revoked just because he talked something that went against the PHARMA LORDS? Can't recall his name ... it was some thing in relation to heart problems, statins and cholesterol.

    This proves whatever i keep yelling against the MAFIA :)

  • Dear Mr Anup

    After going through you blog on LCHF I decided to give it a try. For past one week I am on the diet recommended by you and I am adhering to it in letter and spirit. Even though a week is a small period to arrive at many conclusion but my experience with LCHF diet has been really been great. Although i have not measured my wt. but I feel i must have shed some kgs as I feel lighter.The kind of lethargy that had crept in has vanished I feel more energetic. I very much intend to continue with LCHF as it has as of now immensely benefited. My hearty compliments.


  • Dear Totli,

    Thanks and Welcome to LCHF Club ... we need more and more users in realtime switching and sharing their experience for others to take the plunge despite all negative press that FAT has got over a century. :)

    (1) You will lose weight on LCHF

    (2) You will feel less hungry on LCHF

    (3) You will feel much more energetic. CARBS cause lethargy. No one will agree though.

    (4) Your sugar level will be good to cheer you up further.

    (5) Your medicines will reduce ... in long run could be possible that you may be completely off if you are a NIDDM type 2.

    (6) Your skin too will improve.

    (7) Once you weight has stabilized LIPIDS will improve.

    Just ensure you stay away from all trans fat and count your carbs to restrict it to below 100gm/day.

    I am now living without wheat for more than 10 days. I have lost around 1.5kg and back to 72.5 kg and want to go down till 70kg.

    Do one thing:

    Buy a meter and start testing at home. Those good numbers will be motivating fa ctor to not even think of going back to HIGH CARB lifestyle.

    Keep us posted with your numbers as you improve :)

    I need more and more people to switch to LCHF before i really start my own site .. a site a LCHF club f diabetics so to say who in their free time can guide other diabetics who are plagued with 60% CARB diet on suggestion from those who follow the ADA rulebook.

  • Dear Anup,

    thanks. i already have a meter of acu check brand and i check the sugar levels from time to time say once in a month at random , the readings are with in normal limits, but now i shall be more regular. I got my HbA 1c also checked it is at a level of 6. I shall do everything possible to bring it down to 5. i intend to join the gym and do the workouts

    I sart my day with drinking 2 ltrs of water. break fast comprises of veg soup one slice of bread with butter some nuts and eggwhite omlette. Instead of taking wheat chapati I take one Missi roti or half cup of rice with vegs raw and cooked both. peanuts wall nuts and almonds are the part of my diet. In the afternoon I have black tea ( Kehwa) with a few drops lime no snacks.In dinner I have one roti and vegs half cup of curd and salads. At the end of the day before sleep one cup of milk boiled with raw termeric.

    I would need your advice on above in case I am going wrong any where.


  • Roti live on 1 /day amnd that too in lunch ... to begin with and then as you get accustomed maybe drop that also.

    Rice give it up as soon as you can.

    make nice drv ge preparation, veg soup part of your menu.

    Curd raita preparation.

    Why egg white omlette? take full egg omlette with lots of veg added and butter/cheese.

    Corn avoid.

    As you change and settle with a new diet, maybe test PPBS once in 2 days till you know what spikes you how much.

    Rest is fine.

  • Its unfortunate that there is so many myths associated with diabetes. Basically it is a disorder of the pancreas.

    1. Its starts to produce less insulin OR

    2. The insulin it produces is less effective.

    By the way just to make all understand that once you eat the carbohydrates in the food is converted into glucose and this glucose has to enter the cells in the body which gives energy for our body. Our body requires continuous energy to do its normal functions. Now the insulin is the key which unlocks the cells and allows the glucose to enter the cells and give energy. If there is less insulin then only few cells gets unlocked OR if the insulin is less effective then again the glucose does not enter the cells. Hence it causes the following

    1. The excess glucose circulates in the blood and that shows up as high blood sugar

    2. When there is no energy then you feel tired.

    3. When no energy is produced you feel you should eat and hence you feel hungry

    4. The excess blood sugar passes through the kidney and body has a mechanism to save whatever glucose available by washing the same in the kidney by osmosis ( I am using cloquial language for better understanding). When water in the body is used in this process there is excessive urination.

    5. when body looses water you feel thirsty.

    Now if excessive blood sugar is present in the blood continuously then the blood gets glycated ( sugar attached to blood). This takes around 3 months and thats the reason when you check HBa1c it shows how good or bad your control has been for 3 months.

    Having said the above there is only one thing which can be done is to control the blood sugar by exercise, food and medicine. Now all the 3 are important for good control. The insulin producing Beta cells slowly degenerates and hence diabetes is always a progressive disorder. Over a period of time the beta cells stops producing insulin and thats the time you need to substitute insulin from outside by injection.

    Now all the tablets what you take will stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin to meet the body requirements. similarly metformin tablets will make the sugar get absorbed through muscles etc. This medicine does not stimulate the pancreas.

    Today in India we do NOt have any insulin from pigs or cows. All are genetically engineered insulin which are identical to the insulin produced in our body.Hence it is the best.

    Major companies are really trying hard to find a cure for diabetes and if at all a cure is got then there is more money for the company which finds the cure. So its incorrect to say that companies will NOT allow to find a cure. Also all must understand that companies spend billions of dollars to find a drug which is better than earlier drugs . So we must appreciate the fact that nothing comes free of cost when there is something good.

    One thing which is missing in India is the constant monitoring of blood glucose by patients. It is good to check atleast 2-3 times a week ( for Type 2 patients) and atleat 3- 4 times a dat if Type-1.

    Now Type-1 is a situation that the Beta cells which produces insulin is completely destroyed and hence their survival is only by regular insulin ( either by pens or pumps). In Type-2, initially by metformin and later by insulin stimulating drugs( tablets) and later on move on to insulin if the control becomes bad after taking tablets.

    It is upto the patients to listen to sound advice and control or listen to all myths and try all other things. By the time you understand that all others have not helped many irreversible complications would have set it.

    Diabetes in the only disorder which affects all parts of the body like eyes ( 3rd cause of blindness in the world) kidney ( nephropathy) , nerves ( neuropathy), big blood vessels of the body ( heart issues) peripheral parts ( legs causing amputations etc).

    Hence control your sugar and lead a happy life. Give attention to balanced diet, do regular exercise and ensure that you do NOT miss the medication prescribed by your doctor.

  • Diabetes is a progressive disorder because of LOOSE limits of HbA1C.

  • No its NOT.

    The progressive nature of this disorder starts atleast 5 years before diagnosing the patient. It is assymtomatic. By the time you diagnose 50% of the damage is already happened. You can only delay the onset of complications by good control. For this reason if you test your self after 30-35 years and see if there are any irregularity in glucose tolerance then you can take some precautionary measures at that stage itself. many good diabetologist have screening done in children who have family history of diabetes. This will help in identifying any abnormality much earlier and take precaution and by this you can delay the onset of diabetes. The problem is Indians are bad in self monitoring and take it for granted without understanding the seriousness of this disorder.

  • Yes and good control is NOT A1C 6.5 ... as long as that doesn't change it will be PROGRESSIVE ... going from BAD to worse.

    But that limit will not change as that will HURT the CARB food industry Maafia ... where companies like KELLOGS push 40-50 gms SUGAR (call it fructose) in the morning breakfast to a 7 year old and so that it sells they pack some Chinese toys inside the pack so that the kid keeps pestering parents for Cheetos .... Dr Bernstein said it rightly ... these limits are decided by Non Diabetics and imposed on Diabetics.

    As i said .. it's a bloody NEXUS

    Kellogs et al will disease your body with sustained abuse

    Then GSK will have the last laugh with doctors, surgeons and entire community You know what ... this makes me think sometimes ... Was Rajiv Dixit eliminated just like Dr Butyeko ?

    And if someone like Ramdev comes to educate masses on how bad Coke, pepsi and kellogs is we have Brinda karats fighting for airtime ... It's a NEXUS :)

  • ha ha ha, Good comment on Ramdev and Brinda


    All studies have shown that HBA1c below 7 in a Type -1 is good enough ( since to get a 7 in a Type-1 is a nightmare for the parents and doctors) since if you reduce more than that they will get into Hypo quiet frequently.

    In a type 2 a 6- 6.5% is good enough to prevent complications. Lets be practical since the Type-2 will not self monitor as required and will not check his/her HBA1c as required .

    I have always believed these HA1c numbers and there are enough of evidence to show the positive side of the control. If you want near normoglycaemi between 70-110 mg/dl it is quite difficult and Hypos will be predominant.

  • Paul...

    Here you go ... from a diabetic for diabetics ...

    I follow that and gave up wheat 10 days back and aiming for ,140 by meter (which would be around ~125 by lab as per my meter calibration results) at 1 hr PPBS. Results are great. So i am more or less a guy with no rice no wheat in life by and large.

    I have never hit HYPO as i take no medicines at all. It could be difficult on medicine but then ppl should look upto Dr Bernstien as type 1 who lives on 30gms CARBS/day :)

    I test very frequently at Home and once in 6 Months PPBS in lab and once in a year metabloic profile. I am type 2 on no medicines.

  • Anup. Good.

    I am a firm believer of a balanced diet ( healthy diet).

    Diabetes can take normal food with moderation and split into small amount over the day so that the hyperglycaemic excursions are not high.

    I do not want to comment on meters. As long as you have calibrated your meter results with the lab its good. Follow it

    Dt, Bernstein may live on 30 gms being a type-1 but if on insulin pump it gives you the flexibility in diet and definitely a great control with less hypos, Yes pumps are expensive but great flexible lifestye and great control for a Type-1 patient. Today many type-2 who require insulin are switching onto pumps ( affordable patients).

    Great to hear about your eagerness to test frequently and control diabetes. ultimately control of diabetes is the key for good living.

    If people test frequently then they will know where they stand orelse it is shooting in the dark

  • My diet is scary by conventional medical standards :)

    I am on 100gms CARBS /day ... so make it 65-70% FAT with major source being NUTS, Oils, Full fat milk cream and Butter .... and of course the High Cholesterol EGGS :)

    So i am taking a diet which ANCEL Keys proved causes heart attack by cherry picking 7 our of 22 countries data ... and I am going great .. no markers for any heart attack as such ... yearly tests to be in another 2 months and will include cardiac markers tests also this time.

    But i have great BGL levels by and large. I do cheat but take some care to burn off while i cheat.

  • if you look at cost of manufacturing g PUMPS does it justify the $2500 to $6000 as costs for that? Come on ... there should be some limits on profits that a company can make by ripping off a diabetic only because he is helpless.

    Sorry ... there will never be a CURE. There's no money in CURE.

    BTW, what's a balanced diet? The one that ADA Recommends right ... 60% energy should come from CARBS as that's how more PILLS and INSULIN will sell ... they have not been able to prove anything against LCHF so ADA changed stance a bit and says ... Oh LCHF is good only for reducing weight for few years aftre that switch back to High CARB (else all ADA sponsors will stop pumping money to association).

  • I differ from you,. There is huge money in CURE.

    Things will happen. The company which finds the CURE and demonstrates will be the top company in the world in turnover.

    There are many doing lot of trials on the cure for diabetes. I know that for sure

    As far as pumps are concenred why does a Mercedes Benze cost you so much. All are cars . Every car only runs on with an engine and same petrol and 4 wheels. The issue is the value add, The comfort. Why does a First class ticket cost you 5-7 times the economy ticket. Its the comfort. Why does a BSA bicycle with gears cost you Rs 10000/= and an ordinary cycle a couple of thousands. The value add. I can give innumerable examples. Why does a Louis Philip shirt cost you bombs?. Why does a Reebok shoes price so high??

    Its not that I support costly items. There is value for each item and just because the cost of manufacturing is low it cannot be given at throw away price. Lot of R& D happens .

  • PUMPS should be like TATA NANO. People purchase Benz to show off their money. Diabetics don;t purchase pumps to show off.

    Looks like TATAS have to take up making PUMPS. I know if Ambanis make it then it will be 2 times the cost oif TATAS make it.

    Health care emergencies aren't to be equated with a "BRAND" that is adopted for Vulgar display of "STATUS". Ask the poor man who is diabetic in Slums around Chennai and then you will see what i am talking. It's all about RIPPING off SICK people and making QUICK BUCKS in name of R&D.

    My cousin has to go for a liver transplant and bill is said to be 25 + lacs. I wonder what that 25+ lacs is really covering? His desire to live and his helplessness of not being able to live without that transplant? This is what is called RIPPING Off where BILLS are decided by the "Desperation of the patient" and not by the real time spent on surgery. same applies for DRUGS.

    This is just one example.

    Please don't try and find parallel with Benz and Loui Phillip. It's insulting for the average patient that these mafias claim to be working for.

  • Anup. You have some fixed ideas which you are not willing to listen. But keep posting . I don't buy into certain views of yours.

  • Yes everyone has fixed set of ideas else the blogs wouldn't have existed. There's always a fence and two sides to a fence.

  • Mr.Paul,What is the latest on insulin pumps?Are they available in India and what is the cost?How do they work?

    BTW your blog is really educative.Thank you.

  • Pumps are in the market for the last 5 years.

    The cost varies from 1.2 lakhs to 3 lakhs with the warranty of 4-6 years. The consumables in a pump need to be changed once in 3 days and hence that cost will be another 4000 per month. The blood sugar needs to be checked atleast once or twice a day if Type 2 or 3 times if Type-1. + you have the insulin cost. Only rapid acting insulin analogues available in the market need to be used.

    Our human body secretes insulin throughout the day in very small quantities which is the basal requirement. Every time we eat the pancreas secretes spurts of insulin to match the glucose in the blood so that normal sugar is maintained.

    Similarly the pump can be programmed to supply the basal insulin. This can be fixed by programming. Then whenever we eat as per the carbohydrate intake we need to manually dial the dose in the pump and by a press of a button insulin goes inside ( thi ranges from 1.2- 1.9 lakhs) without sensor.

    Now the very advanced models can also use sensors which will measure the glucose every 5 mins ( 244 readings a day) and display in the pump and you can adjust the dosage accordingly to maintain normal levels. The recent pumps will automatically shut down if the person is going into hypo. These are the most expensive pumps ( 3 lakhs). even the sensor is expensive and works for 7 days. In India people use pumps without the sensor but once in a while they use sensor to understand how the body behaves with food.

    Training need to be taken and the companies provide the necessary training and also teach the person about carbohydrate counting etc.

  • Guess it's way beyond plain CARB counting as Proteins also need to be covered with Insulin and Protein spikes come in late as compare to CARB.

  • The pump has all facilities. You can program the bolus insulin over a period of 0.5- 4 hrs and can be delivered in whatever ratio ( 30/70, 50/50 etc etc) required which will take care of protein spikes later after 2 hrs as well.

    You put in your carbs and the blood sugar level it will also automatically calculate the dosage required for the person ( few pre-programming is required which is individualized as per the insulin sensitivity of the person)

  • Dear Anup,

    Many thanks to you. I have been on the LCHF diet since last ten days & I am very very happy with the results. It is magic. I was taking 15 units of insulin "BASALOG" which i have stopped taking. I have also recommended this diet to three others in the family and the results are wonderful.

    I have had STENTS in my heart 2 years back. Now I am advised Glycomet 3 + 850 twice a day. Januvia 100 after the breakfast. Other meicines are Nialip 500, Prolomet R 5+50, Colosprin 100, Tab Rozavel 40 and Remylin D.

    I am taking all except the Insulin.

    My question is now how to start lowering on my medicines gradually.

    Umesh -

    Mobile: 9810064973

  • Oh and i forgot ... when Sunita Rao challenges Coke on pesticides you have bush threatening India ... Allow coke to sell or investments will suffer. You call that caring for humanity? I don't think so. It's all PART of bigger NEXUS.

    And here you go for how the mafia FUNDS doctors ... which is now slowly reducing now that it has come to public domain ...

    So why would a GP ever talk LOW CARB to a Diabetic :)

  • i am in full agreement with this approach.Well done mr paul.

  • Thanks , Very well written , also scientific approach ,and simple (no jargons) language can be understood by anybody , a document I now save for further study.To

    last paragraph , 'advise / remedy" methods I would like to add my own experience ,by which I controlled my Blood sugar level 171 fasting and 271 2 hours after Lunch , within 4 mo0nths to both level absolutely normal 98/ 120 mg/dl ........

    You have not mentioned any word about this remedy which I did , hence for knowledge of all I add here :-

    Daily "Yog for Diabetes Cure, not only Asanas - Pranayam - Vyayam - Diet Control etc etc ''

    I used to do the following ,:-

    Daily early, immediately after getting Up i.e without even brishing the teeth morning after drinking 2-3 glasses Little hot ( drinkable ) water, some 5 min simple body bending- stretching excersizes - so that you get your stomach empty of all --- in toilet :-

    1)Then 5 to 10 minutes , Bhrastrika Pranayam ( Increases Oxygen level -- Pranshakti in Body )

    2), There-after, Most Important

    20 to 25 min Kapalbhati kriya

    Mechanically does the same things in effedct as all allopathic medicine do ---

    i.e Activates pancreas and Insulin Production level increases .

    3) and lastly 15 - 20 min Anulom Vilom Pranayam --works on MIND ( Positivity that I am being cured ....)thereby activates each cells to open out and accept more Glucose .Mind Power is being used here -- Einstine's-----It is actually our Vedic origin

    E= Mx bc square works here . Energy being converted into mass and viced versa .

    4) 12 Surya namskars at the end , for renovation of all muscle Power + improve respiration -- Berst excersize consuming min time giving benefits for all body strcture

    Words may appear difficult , never mind , just open your TV , Find Aastha chanel,,,5 to 7-30 A.M. Swami Ramdeoji teaches everyday all above and more scientifically .

    Lakhs of people getting cured not only in India but in almost more than 120 countries all over the world , Diabetes , and all other deadly diseases like cancer and so called uncurable like Daibetes , Thai roids , Infertility and many many ... All live examples happening . Why we do not trust and do not practice our Thousands of year old and well proven on many many of our fore fathers i.e TimeTested ,100 %effective remedy-- Yog and` Ayurrved ??? ( Mbl 9819852161)

  • I do NOT ascribe to this. Sorry. Thousands of years people have died of diabetes. It is only after 1923 ( insulin production) things have dramatically changed.

  • Only for TYPE 1 -- yes.

    Type 2 was hardly heard. This has increased only after the decade of 70's when there was great CARB revolution where efforts were made to pump in more processed CARBS in body.

    TYPE 2 is a disease of FRUCTOSE overdosing which came in with the growth of Food Vampires. India it saw an upward swing after 1991 it will increase more as walmart comes in, more and more mal culture steps in and there's 3 course meal for 99 bucks advertised on TV by "MacD" and politicians try and prove that "Pizza is a vegetable" just because it has loads of tomatoe ketchup added :D :D

  • Pancreas in our body are the source of supply of insulin that regulates glucose in our blood . Veins carrying insulin to various parts in our body passes through spinal cord . These veins are so fine and minute in diameter . Displacement in spinal cord disc due to unavoidable reasons , which give no pain but presses that veins that carry insulin to blood . No doubt pancreas are working normal but percentage of insulin supply is blocked to blood cells . It becomes a serious disease but there are so many supporting devices that cure positively .

  • HAR123. Please do NOt comment if you do NOT know. Your whole theory is wrong. ( veins carrying insulin, spinal chord etc etc) This shows only the ignorance.

  • Paul ...

    STATINS force one to carry more Insulin in blood and STATINS have proved useless as primary line of prevention for people with no CVD :)

    Steroid force higher Sugar levels in blood.

  • Statins are good as lipid lowering agents. They are the best in the category. Always good to be combined with aspirin. Higher lipid levels causes CVD.

    Steroid your are right

  • Good only for ppl who have had CVD.

    Useless for others .. it can just prevent one case in 1000 and that too has a weak statistical backing.

    STATINS increase INSULIN level in blood, damages muscles. STATINS do nothing for "size" and large fluffy LDL is not bad ...

    DIET controls LIPIDS best ...

    yes even Saturated FATS provided you are on < 100 gms CARB/day ... :)

  • Very interesting debates, a lot of knowledge and less of insulin.........and good time passing and less worried mind and more insulin and problem is solved.

  • My humble suggestion is that between Paul and medfree, if you are in any way uncertain whom to follow, then follow medfree. If you can figure it our for yourself, then fine. But, for those who cannot, medfree is the more rational and informed person, imho.

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