Upcoming Dr. Bernstein webcast -- How many are joining?



67 years as a type 1 diabetic now 80, father of Home testing and Guru of Very Low Carb diet for controlling glucose. He recommend 6:12:12 rule ie 30gms CARBS /day. I am mentioning this specifically because few seemed to have made it their agenda to ridicule the LCHF diet that i have been talking tirelessly where 100gms CARBS is cut off limit and this is something that i also learned from other diabetics on other forums.

How many are joining ?

More about him on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richa...

PS: The above Webcast details are taken from FB Page -- facebook.com/groups/veglowc... where i have joined sometime back.

And here's a brief of what Dr Bernstein has to say about ADA:



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  • dear anup

    Thanks for your consistent effort for lchf diet. today i have checked my blood sugar. I am following totaly ayurvedic medicine no allupathy. My fasting blood sugar 103 ALc 7 total cholasteral 242 HDL direct 52, total hdl 4.68 nonhdl 190 ldl 163 vldl 27 triglycerid 135 and ldl/hdl ratio 3.16 and my TSH IS 8.32 which is high. My diet is l jowr roti for breakfast with tea. lunch 1 roti nd boiled vegetables evening snacks and night 1 and 1/2 roti with boild subjee. Recently i have started som paneer in subji and milk and night. I do want to shift to LCHF diet, but dnt want to take risk because of the report. My Vaidya told not to worry it will be taken care and he hs changed medicine. Pl advise. Thanks

  • (1) Fasting Is High

    (2) A1C is very high (in my opinion. For minimizing progressive damages it should be eblow 5.5)

    (2) HDL is great

    (4) VLDL is high -- BAD -- this is because your TRIGLYCERIDES is high which is because your diet is CARB loaded.

    (5) 3.5 Jwar roti. What's the weight of each? Jowaree roti cannot be like chapati so looks like your max carb load comes from this roti.

    TSH high means you are a hypo thryroid patient.

    (1) CUT ALL SOYA products. Don;t even touch soya , tofu, soya oil, soya milk, lobia or things like nutrinugget etc.

    (2) CUT all goitergenic vegetables Avoid eating RAW cabbage family vegetables. They have to be all cooked.

    (3) Instead of completely cutting off chapati, it's best you switch to plain wheat chapati (as that can be around 40gms/chapati ... jawaree cannot be less than 100/chapati which is pretty high CARBS).

    (4) Add 2TBSP COCONUT Oil daily for your thyroid. Add ASHVAGANDHA 250mg TID for same. I buy himalaya stuff.

    (5) More stress on Curd than milk.

    (6) Paneer is ok but no soya base.

    (7) add NUTS -- peanuts+almonds+walnuts.

    (8) If you can really manage then survibe on just 1 wheat chapati/day. Rest fill yourself with veg soup (non strained) with lots of malai added.

    COUNT your CARBS and restrict then to 100gms/day. With that amount of Jowaree rotee i m sure your daily carb load is touching 200. If you kep your C ARBS to 100 max nothing to worry about fats.

    Once you cut your CARBS, you triglycerides will fall and so VLDL will fall.

    You have to get your A1C below 6 for sure. I panicked when mine went up to 6 in 2011 November and then got it down to 5.2 within next 3 months.

    With due respect to your vaidya ... i would first drop jowaree rotee entirely if iu have to go aggressive on controlling sugar. Switch to 1 wheat roti of 40gms /day. Rest is all veg veg soup and salads. Heavy reliance on NUTS for fats.

  • Dear Anup,

    Thanks for your suggesstion. Wil u pl share your mob no.so that I can talk to you freely. thanks

  • Sir How to get the book in India.

  • If i remember correctly, your son is in US.

    I think you could let your son order and send it to you.

    It's available on Amazon.

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