LCHF -- Low carb High Fat Diet -- and Diabetics with Kidney problems

These are just resources pulled from net as I am not a Kidney patient.

Problem is who will advise a High Fat diet when entire Establishment is all FOR HIGH CARB Diet even to Diabetics. Why will anyone fund a research or study which will get less money for the Lords?

Yes one of the article has mention of consuming Coconut Oils also :D :D


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3 Replies

  • And --- Not related but read this ---

    Here also there are "Observers" from the other side of fence who make statements which sort of RIDICULE ... so as they say seeing is believing. If you can go on a LCHF diet and learn to listen to your body go ahead. Where DRUGS FAILED diet worked. We will kiss this diet when some LORD Patents the whole process and comes out with a "PILL" ... till then there will be more to ridicule and more to oppose LCHF ... but who cares as long as it benefits those who it is meant for. Others can keep watching from fence and keep theorizing against it as usual ... :)

  • Sir,

    If any one visit any hospital dealing kidney problems we observe the patients are more from regular meat eating persons. Apart from diabetics, the high protein and fat consumption may be a reason for Kinney problems !

  • Hi Protein and kidney problems YES.

    FAT WITH CARBS maybe.

    FAT with LOW CARBS .... i doubt.

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