Newest Scam to Increase Statin Cholesterol-lowering Drugs If You’re Older than 50

Read on and make yourself aware

As per this i should autmatically be on STATINS now.

However, STATINS have proved to be useless as a primary prevention against CVD

It's all about GREED of PHARMA Lords. Someone wanted STATINS to be introduced in drinking water supplied to households also ....

Change diet and take control of both cholesterol and sugar. Stop making your body a PILL Dumping Ground. There will be no end to it.

Checkout more on corruption:

Doctors get big kickbacks and nice paid summer vacations for prescribing STATINS recklessly where it is shown that it is a useless drug as a primary prevention against CVD.

Read and research before taking any PILL. I refused Omnacortil 40mg though doctor was eager to push it dwn my throat along with aciloc to reduce chances of ulcers due to bleeding in stomach because of Omnacortil steroid that he prescribed. What Bull CRAP!

I am fine even without Omnacortil ...

STATINS i would never ever TAKE. The cost of treating side effects of STATINS are far more than cost of STATIN itself.


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4 Replies

  • And those who say high FAT diet is bad ... particularly from medical community and nutritionists who go by ADA/AMA/AHA Promotional literature ... they should go through research on Masai Tribe of Kenya which has defied all explanations that ANCEL KEYS gave while he was busy with his JUN K SCIENCE study where he selectively took only 7 out of 22 countries data and rejected the rest as it was not showing what he wanted to provde then.


    The moment MASAI were introduced to the modern day diet they got everything what modern day science "SUPPRESSES" by dumping PILLS in your body.

    Now these days FAT scare has been so successfully implanted in HUMAN Mind that even Milk has to be FAT free so that CARBS can be pushed down the throat. Absolute NONSENSE. Who says FAT is bad. CARBS are bad and they should be reduced in diet.

  • Our ancestors mostly lived on mainly carbohydrates,pulses and spices

  • No. Organized agriculture is only 10000 years old.

    So you are wrong there ... ancestors really did not live on carbohydrates and pulses. Upping of carb in diet is a phenomenon which has picked up only after 1970's and so have the modern day diseases.

  • Our ancestors did not have a mall to go to.

    Our ancestors worked hard.

    We work hard not to work hard at all. We have "Uncle Lays" CHIPS after all.

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