Is Soya Oil good for diabetics?

(1) Diabetics have a conked off metabolic system already.

(2) Soy suppresses Thyroid working and thyroid is central to metabolism also and suppressed thyroid means you become lethargic and are drawn away from exercise etc.

(3) 90% Soy in US is Genetically Modified.

(4) Soy has lot of enzyme inhibitors which means body could not be using the proteins that soy has.

(5) Soy has proteins and as diabetics do we need an overload of protein going by the fact that it will overload kidneys.

Do we diabetics need any input to body that further suppresses metabolism? We need diets that gets metabolism up. We need a condition where metabolism is up and that's why diabetics gain by toning muscles even by light weights exercise, eating anything that increases metabolism like Coconut oils for example.

Would love to discuss this with "already enlightened" and also like to know why Soy Oil? Why not diabetics be told to switch to COCONUT Oil completely for everything.


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5 Replies

  • Point 1) agreed.

    Point 2) Problem of Thyroid is because of low cholesterol. Generally it observed that when cholesterol is JUST < 200 or slightly more, a person is completely FIT. If cholesterol is around 140, there is 100% chance that that person is suffering from THYROID.

    Our main focus of getting good health is basically maintain Cholesterol about 200 mg /dL. When we consume Soy Oil which is made up of nearly 80% of omega 6 fatty acid, it is not helping in the production of cholesterol; it only ends up in production of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids resulting is aggravating the diabetics.

    Point 3); Our body cannot identify this kind of oil. We should plan even during cropping, what sort of oil seeds to be produced. let us not grow what can grow; let us decide what we want even before growing. Let us not try to impose what we have produced ultimately ending in health related problems.

    Point 4) increases inflammation due to pro-inflammatory eicosanoids

    Point 5) Soy Oil has got phyto-estrogen which is very bad for ladies. It interferes with functions of hormone estrogen due to similar chemical structure.

    If somebody takes steps to ban this Oil, it would be great help to society.

  • Thanks for enlightening us. I could see that this oil isn't for diabetics but wanted to have more inputs on this.

  • Please refer some books which are available from INDIAN INSTITUTE NUTRITION-TARNAKA.

    They are all from research. U google for soya and its products . U can read articles of Eminent persons on the net.

  • Way back On NDTV there were eminent persons on talk show supporting GMO food when Hillary Clinton was in India with OBAMA ... and those "EXPERTS" were supporting BT Brinjal in name of food security. Monsanto has aggressive interests in India and Africa.

  • Bumping this three year old thread instead of re-posting it again :)

    Don't care what the Soy industry has to say. Stay away from Soya in any form.

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