STATINS -- So Called Cholesterol Lowering Drug -- may cause Diabetes

This is the "SO CALLED" wonder PILL that is prescribed like Peanuts on slightest hint of higher cholesterol .. a problem which could be corrected by LOWERING CARBS intake ...

In fact there are doctors who say that STATINS should be given FREE at FAST FOOD JOINTS ... these are what i call "So Called Experts or Doctors"

and now FDA is waking up after billions have already been made and many statins turn generic so no more money for the LORDS ...


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  • But why not avoid it at all by suggesting diet changes. CARBS is real culprit. When CARBS is cut, triglycerides fall like a rock so the computed VLDL also reduces. Not all LDL is bad and i am sure you would know that. If not all LDL is bad then why prescribe STATINS based on total CHOLESTEROL Levels when not all LDL is bad?

    TRIG::HDL ratio is a better marker of everything don;t you think so? Why not aim that to be < 2.0 by reducing CARBS instead of pumping PILLS.

  • The goof and bad are documented. It is upto u to decide take or not to take. U talk of the money earned MNCs. Not the lifes saved. What a deception ?

  • STATINS have shown no benefit for people who have had no CVD.

  • STATINS do nothing for size of LDL and large fluffy LDL is not bad at all. This is not documented by the Lords anywhere because this will reduce sale of STATINS. STATINS are best organized SCAM ... based on Cholesterol which is a nother SCAM emanating out of ANCEL KEYS Junk science. a science where he rejected data of 14 countries because those countries were failing to prove what he wanted to prove ... that's why i call that theory nothing but JUNK SCIENCE.

  • "Diabetes is a possible side effect".Well I am a diabetic since a decade earlier to my statin medication.I take a minimum dose of statin and lipid profile is optimum.At least I am happy that I am not facing high BP.

  • If there's a will there's a way ... LIPIDS can be fixed with Diet alone in most of the cases. My brother had a cholesterol of 220, doctor wanted him to go on STATINS, we refused and took care of diets.

  • BTW if you take STATINS you are over straining your pancreas as INSULIN levels run high for STATIN takers and higher INSULIN in blood only comes from Pancreas. STATIN takers running higher Insulin levels is not rocket science and has been shown to be true time and again. Correct LIPIDS through Diet. LIPIDS and SUGAR have same source to attempt correction at :)

  • Liver does Two Jobs that are very important among many. 1) Increasing (Producing) Cholesterol and 2) Reducing Blood Sugar.

    Liver ,can do above jobs mentioned in a better way we consume right food helping these.

    Its (Liver's) performance would be maximum when we consume enough saturated oils / fats that may easily be converted to cholesterol. When we consume only unsaturated oils, liver finds it very difficult to convert these unsaturated oils to cholesterol. (It is false claim that unsaturated oil is heart friendly).

    If we feel that only cholesterol is culprit for CVD then we should have been advised to remove our liver first.

    When we consume less oil / fat obviously our intake / food would be too much of carbohydrate. Here again we give shock to liver to reduce it.

    Kindly refer my earlier postings that, without control of cholesterol, controlling sugar is very difficult.

  • Exactly.

    If you switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET liver is so happy doing everything :)

    Glad to see someone talking that SATURATED FAT is good otherwise so called experts talk only EGG WHITES and Throw away the yolk as it is Cholesterol. I eat 3 eggs omelet with lot and lots of butter and cheese ... i take 2 TBSP Coconut Oil which is saturated fat ... certain so called "Nutritionists" scoff at this.

    But yes

    I don't take more than 110gms CARBS/day. I have given up wheat, rice completely.

    CABRS lead to Triglycerides and that's the starting point of everything. All doctors scare me with a heart attack because of my diet and i tell them who lives for 100 years in any case ... i want to live PILL FREE as far as i can :)

  • STATINS are virtually useless for primary protection:

  • I just checked my bs random. It is 103 mg. Results are good after I started LCHF diet. PP after 110 minutes of taking first byte is also around average 120-125. I eat one chapati daily in the lunch with veg plus curd and home made veg soup with dairy cream in the dinner and veg and fruit salad in the breakfast. In between I take some peanuts, buttermilk and one cup green tea. No biscuits, namkeen etc. I feel more energetic and my weight is reduced to 73kg, a good 5-7kg loss by starting this diet within a month. My sole is now very less numb.

  • Good going. Keep it up and keep educating diabetics around you. If they don;t listen just ignore them ... not everyone will listen as all of us have been BRAINWASHED that FAT is BAD

    Thanks to Lord Ancel Keys :)

  • I will go for hba1c test next month and Metabolic test later this month.

  • No. Since you have just started LCHF few weeks back don't go for A1C next month. No point. Go for it once you have completed 3 months on this diet and have remained on this diet.

    You are really doing good like all diabetics who have made LCHF their religion.

    As for metabolic profile tests, don't go for it till you have your weight stabilized. Give at least 3-4 months after weight loss has stagnated. Earlier than that may give you elevated readings. I am sure once you enjoy this lifestyle you may just need once a year metabolic panel tests .. rest is test at home ...

    I think next step would be to eliminate even that one chapati ... and have some nice pakroas made in coconut oil made with moong daal, onion and garlic etc. :)

    Finally what you will have to aim for is:

    1hr PPBS < 140

    2Hr PPBS < 110

    By Lab. Add about 20% to above if testing at home and using accuceck meters. J&J One Touch select meter i found read lower so i stopped using the same. Accuchek reads consistent lot after lot.

  • gentleman! I hv comprehended hba1c test. but could you simplify metabolic test???? pls write to me on: I may or may not be able to view your reply, as I'm not at all tech-savvy. thus my request for outside this discussion domain. thanks in advance, God bless all with good health!!!!!

  • Dear Anupji,

    I will try to eliminate one chapati after one month.Now I will start checking bs 1hr PP. As suggested by you, I postpone my tests.

    I subtract 11% from Accuchek bs reading as was the difference with lab test a few days ago.



  • Dear Arvindji.

    It's great ... you are doing good. No hurry on eliminating the chapati as i understand you have made a drastic change from what i know you have been eating earlier and those changes are being reflected in what meter is reading and the way you have lost your weight without "starving". I always say (besides saying LCHF) METER never Lies so eat to your meter. I also say .. restrict PROTEIN because diabetic with higher glucose levels is already damaging his/her kidneys and other organs.

    As you stabilize your menu over a period of time, no need to check so frequently because there was a time when i was doing tests 3 times a day and i found that i was obsessed with testing so i reduced that to alternate days PPBS. I have been testing more after dropping the lone chapati just to check how things are and will stop testing so frequently after few more days.

    3 months from the day your weight becomes stagnant you can go for metabolic profile. I am trying to get below 70kg now without starving (what a person on Low FAT High Carb Diet has to do) ... i don;t feel hungry and i am losing weight also at will.

    Bottom line is CUT DOWN CARBS and every gram counts and preserve your Insulin.

    Yes you can cheat once in a while but then go for a extra walk on those days or do few rounds of bicep curls with a 15 pound dumbbells ... Everyone is different but then common sense shouldn't fail ...

    I am finding that my levels drop by around 35 to 40 points between 1 and 2 hrs PPBS. Now i m trying to find out how much is the rate of drop for a healthy non diabetic as i believe in NUMBERS more than anything else :)

  • Dear Anupji,

    I am sure Your initiative will give others a new hope and determination to lead a healthy life. Please keep on sharing and guiding.



  • I try tirelessly ... need more to join the bandwagon to spread the message

  • Dear Mr.Anup. I have just recently joined this forum and going through your Blog is indeed quite informatve. My HbA1C is 7.4. Want to discont.Amaryl M1 by following LCHFfood intake .Can U pl. suggest daily meal intake I am a Non-veg. Will high Fat harmful to my present lipid TC119,LDL66,HDL27 VLDL24.I have just discontnued Ecosprin AV75 recognisng the possble sde effect of Vastatn. Regards

  • If you smoke give up completely. As that's bad for everything as far as diabetic is concerned.

    No Alcohol.

    For snacks you use NUTS.

    For tea it should be green tea with lemon.

  • Being a Non Vegetarian it is easier to go on a LOW CARB diet.


    (2)Reduce Chapati to max 1/day

    (3) Add NUTS (peanuts+walnuts+almonds) to your menu

    (4) Add all green veg to your menu. Better have a non strained HOT VEG Soup with lots of full fat cream added

    (5) Chicken breast can be added to your menu. Perhaps 3-4 meals a week is of non veg is ok.

    (6) No Milk tea no biscuits no cracker no sugar free.

    (7) Can add paneer to you r menu

    (8) Can add > 1 day old Curd from full fat milk.

    (9) Coconut Oil, butter, cheese.

    (10) 2 Egg omelet in breakfast every alternate day with lots of veg padding and butter/cheese added. 100 ml milk boiled with turmeric.

    Bottom line : RESTRICT CARBS to 100gms/day.

    Your A1C is very high. Get it down to 5.5 ASAP. It will take roughly 5-6 months to get it down on a LCHF diet.

    HIGH FAT with LOW CARBS has hardly harmed LIPIDS. CARBS has to be restricted to < Cunt your carbs from

    Buy a meter and test at home. Once a month checking in lab is useless for control.

    o let you know, i have up the lone wheat chapati that i used to eat around 10days back. My PPBS by meter at 2 hrs was around ~125 avg which was excellent going as in lab this would be around 105. Yesterday i had 1 chapati in dinner as i had chicken and had eliminated all veg. 2Hr PPBS turned out 156 by meter which is around 135 by lab. See what just 1 chapati can do?

    I am wheat and rice less.

    Keep us posted as you switch diet.

  • i have been taking deplet c.v once a day because my bypass surgery was held i am diabetic kindly tell me if this medicine is statin .if yes what should i take to reduce cholestrol . thanks

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